A Man Like None Other Chapter 1612 by desire novel

Chapter 1612 Pretty Impressive

On top of that, there was also a layer of faint white light surrounding Edgar, making him seem like a powerful divine being. “Jared, do you think you’re the only one who’s invincible? My body has undergone lightning tribulation and is just as strong as yours!”

With that, Edgar threw a punch in Jared’s direction. Both men continued to trade blows, resulting in massive shockwaves that scared everyone into backing away.

Whenever they collided, the ground would shake, and ripples would tear through the air, threatening to shred the entire area into pieces.

Neither Jared nor Edgar held back their powers as they went all out in every attack they unleashed. Edgar’s aura intensified by the second, and with the spirit aiding him, his attacks, too, became more powerful.

On the other hand, Jared seemed to be struggling under the weight of it all. Then again, that was hardly a surprising outcome for a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis going up against a Greater Martial Arts Marquis who had almost achieved the Third Level.

After all, a breakthrough in cultivation level always resulted in exponential growth in one’s power. The fact that Jared’s fight with Edgar could last so long was already a feat in itself.

Just as the two men were embroiled in their battle, Xavier approached Arthur in Jadeborough’s Department of Justice. “Jared Chance and Edgar Deragon are fighting it out in the martial arts arena, Mr. Sanders.”

“Oh. Does that mean Jared’s back?” Arthur replied in astonishment. “Has he leveled up to a Greater Martial Arts Marquis?”

“No. He’s currently a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis. Even so, he seems to be holding off Edgar pretty well.”

Upon hearing that, Arthur frowned. “He’s still not a Greater Martial Arts Marquis? In that case, I doubt he’d be Edgar’s match… Let’s go take a look.”

Immediately after, he got to his feet and made a beeline for the martial arts arena.

By the time Arthur and Xavier arrived at the arena, Jared and Edgar had already exchanged almost a hundred blows.

Jared’s aura was starting to weaken, and it didn’t take long before Edgar noticed that.

Needless to say, he quickly became even more confident and arrogant.

“Hahaha! Jared, I’m sure I’ll destroy you within a hundred moves. That said, it’s pretty impressive you’ve even lasted this long with your strength as a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis.”

The next second, Edgar threw a thunderous punch that cracked Jared’s Golem Body and sent him flying into the air.

Jared remained silent as he gave Edgar a cold-eyed stare.

Edgar’s right. If this fight were to drag on, I might not be able to last till the end. I never knew his powers had increased by so many folds!

Of course, many people in the crowd also realized that Jared was about to lose. “Oh, Jared’s done for. The difference in their powers is far too great, though I have to admit he has done a pretty good job of lasting this long.”

“I guess Jadeborough’s martial arts world will be under Edgar’s authority from now on.”

“Yes. I doubt anyone will have the guts to deny Edgar as the top fighter in our martial arts world.”

Just then, an old voice sounded in Edgar’s head. “Hurry up and absorb this guy’s powers. It might help propel you to becoming a Martial Arts Saint. When that happens, the whole of Chanaea and the world will have to bow down to you!”

Martial Arts Saint, huh?

Edgar’s eyes began to glow as a ray of dazzling black light appeared above his head.

There was such an overwhelming pressure in the light that as it rushed toward Jared, its menacing aura engulfed the martial arts arena and crushed everyone with a suffocating feeling of dread.

Soon, many people started dropping to their knees in utter pain and discomfort.

Despite the terrifying aura, Jared gritted his teeth and activated the golden glow on his fists.

The Power of Dragons slowly infused into his fists in waves, making them several times bigger.

“Sacred Light Fist…”

With an angry roar, Jared threw a punch, causing a terrifying gust of wind to sweep the arena instantly.

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