A Man Like None Other Chapter 1615 by desire novel

Chapter 1615 Not Dead

“Mr. Chance is not dead… Mr. Chance is not dead!” Colin yelled excitedly when he saw the scene. Everyone murmured in disbelief as they stared on in shock.

They did not understand how Jared could survive such a frightening lightning tribulation. When Edgar realized that Jared was still alive, his expression grew ugly.

At the moment, the latter looked like an immortal as he floated in mid-air. However, the patch of grey clouds above his head did not disappear. Boom…

Soon after, another bolt of lightning struck him. “What? Three rounds of lightning tribulation?”

“This is f*cking crazy!” “It’s weird! This is really weird…”

Everyone’s jaw dropped open in shock when they heard the rumbling thunder. Even Arthur looked slightly shocked as well.

However, the person who was the most shocked was Edgar.

He only underwent one round of lightning tribulation when he became a Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Even so, he could be considered a special natural talent.

However, Jared underwent three rounds of lightning tribulation.

How is this possible?

Edgar’s confidence was shattered by the scene in front of his eyes.

“Stop him! Hurry! He can’t undergo the third round of lightning tribulation successfully. Otherwise, we’ll be dead meat…” the old voice urged Edgar anxiously.

Edgar immediately came to his senses. After sucking in a deep breath, rays of black light emitted from his body.

Soon after, the black light gathered in his palm.

“Stop him! He’s going to attack Mr. Chance!”

Colin realized what Edgar was planning to do.

One would be the weakest when they underwent a lightning tribulation. If Edgar attacked Jared at such a time, the latter would be in great danger.

Colin let out a ferocious roar and rushed forward without a thought for his own safety.

“Insignificant ant…”

Without even looking at Colin, Edgar waved his hand lightly and sent the former flying backward.

Lizbeth flew toward Edgar when she saw what was happening.

However, just as she started heading toward him, she was blown away by a powerful force.

The gap in their abilities was too large. No matter how hard they tried, they could not delay or stop Edgar.

Edgar leaped up and flew into the air.

However, at that moment, a ray of holy light wrapped around him.

The white light caused Edgar to pause in his tracks while the spirit in his body instantly cowered and hid.

He then noticed that Renee, in her white body armor, was emitting rays of white light from her body, which was what restricted his movements.

The third round of lightning tribulation was about to begin.

Edgar knew that he did not have enough time. After letting out an angry yell, he broke free of Renee’s restraints.

Renee was struck by his powerful blow. She spat out a mouthful of blood before falling to the ground.

“Now die!”

Edgar turned into a ray of black light and flew toward Jared.


At that moment, the lightning tribulation occurred once more.

A large bolt of lightning struck down harshly.

Edgar, who was in front of Jared, was thrown backward by that frightening force.

He could only watch as Jared underwent the lightning tribulation.

The latter appeared to have been pierced by the bolt of lightning.

Edgar prayed that Jared would not be able to withstand it.

The third round of lightning tribulation was stronger than the previous rounds.

Everyone stared on in trepidation. They were waiting to see if Jared could overcome the third round of lightning tribulation.

A trace of nervousness appeared on Arthur’s face as well.

Soon, Jared’s body turned transparent. The bones and blood vessels in his body could be seen clearly.

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