A Man Like None Other Chapter 1616 by desire novel

Chapter 1616 Still Want To Escape

The elixir field in Jared’s body spun crazily, and his Nascent Soul was undergoing a change. The Nascent Soul was as small as a thumb at first. Now, it slowly grew bigger and a face could be seen clearly.

It looked like a smaller version of Jared. As the Nascent Soul grew, Jared’s physical traits changed as well. A Manifestor could change their physical traits as they wished.

However, in the current day and age when spiritual energy was scarce, a Manifestor’s ability to change his physical traits was not guaranteed.

Yet, Jared did not care about the change in his physical traits. What he needed were abilities. He needed stronger abilities. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. At that moment, two beams of light shone out from his eyes.

The clouds in the sky dispersed as the light shone through. Jared’s aura changed swiftly. His physical body grew stronger by ten times.

Such was the benefits of an increase in cultivation level. When Edgar stared at Jared who had successfully undergone the lightning tribulation, his expression grew ugly.

I wasn’t able to defeat Jared quickly when he was just a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis. Now that he has undergone three rounds of lightning tribulation, there’s simply no way I could defeat him.

“Retreat… Quick!” the old voice in Edgar’s mind urged.

Edgar turned and wanted to run away.

However, before he could do so, Jared’s voice rang out coldly, “We haven’t figured out who the winner is yet. So why do you want to run away now? Didn’t you say that one of us must die today?”

Edgar’s heart skipped a beat. He did not know how Jared managed to get to his side in a split second.

“Focus on escaping! Don’t pay his words any mind…” The old voice urged Edgar to run.

Edgar did not turn around and continued running.

A black shadow appeared behind him, forming a large palm before flying straight at Jared.

It seemed that the spirit inside Edgar had revealed itself. It was trying to delay Jared so that Edgar would have time to escape.

“Hmph! You’re just a spirit without a body. Yet, you dare try and challenge me?”

Jared snorted coldly and he raised a hand. A golden light appeared on his palm and surrounding it was a layer of light blue flames.

When Jared came into contact with the large palm, the palm exploded before a frightening wail sounded.

Edgar did not dare to look behind him. He could only run with all his might. Sweat dripped continuously from his forehead.

He was no longer confident in his abilities, and his heart was trembling in fear.

“Hurry! Use teleportation magecraft to stop him…” The old voice in Edgar’s head continued speaking.

A trace of fear could be detected in the old voice. It had been hurt by Jared and was now deathly afraid of the man.

Edgar immediately made a series of hand seals and the space before him started distorting.

Running in front of Jared, the space between them suddenly became both far and near.

“Teleportation magecraft?” Jared’s lips curved into a smile. “But your teleportation magecraft is not very well done it seems.”

As he spoke, he punched the air in front of him. A ray of golden light shone before the sound of an explosion reverberated through the air.

The distorted space was destroyed by Jared in a mere instant.

He could clearly see Edgar running away with a frightened expression on his face.

“Still trying to run, huh?”

He took one step forward and appeared in front of Edgar instantly. He then punched the latter harshly in the chest as golden light shone from his fist.

Coughing out a mouthful of blood, Edgar was then sent flying in an arc across the sky. He had already managed to run a significant distance away from Jared, but Jared’s punch landed him in the martial arts arena again.

His body landed heavily onto the martial arts arena as he stared around him with fear in his eyes.

The crowd stared at Edgar in disdain as bouts of mocking laughter broke out.

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