A Man Like None Other Chapter 1618 by desire novel

Chapter 1618 Truly Becoming One

“These are the resentful souls that you have absorbed power from. Now, do as I say and attack him,” the old voice in his head prompted Edgar.

Edgar let out a loud cry and dashed toward Jared as if he was teleporting. When he moved, the shadow clones moved with him. He was completely obscured by the large mob of shadow clones.

The aura continued to grow stronger, and each clone enhanced the power of his attack. Suddenly, there was a huge burst of energy. The shadow clones fused into a large blob and attached themselves to Edgar’s body.

Jared watched in silence as Edgar charged toward him with an attack. He just stood there quietly, expressionless. When Edgar was right in front of him, Jared clenched his fist. There was a flash of golden light as he swung his arm.

He knew that in the face of absolute power, all fancy techniques were void and null. Brilliant golden light radiated from his fist. The overwhelming power from the attack instantly blanketed the martial arts arena.

Even the nearby mountains shook uncontrollably under the immense power, producing loud rumbling sounds. Edgar furrowed his brows. He sensed that something dangerous was coming closer and closer to him.

Immense fear arose in his heart, and it rendered him unable to do anything. Jared had scared him into submission. “Useless piece of trash.”

The old voice scoffed disdainfully. It could also feel the fear that was in Edgar’s heart. After the spirit let out an angry shout, the shadows that were on Edgar’s body reappeared and encircled Jared.

That was when Edgar realized he was not the one dishing out the attack. He was just the bait. Jared’s fist landed on him harshly. His bones shattered, and blood spurted into the air.

But at the same time, the shadows wrapped Jared in a cocoon and attempted to devour him.

Edgar collapsed to the ground, fuming. He could not even muster the strength to stand.

However, when he saw that Jared had been trapped, his anger subsided somewhat.

He never expected that the spirit inside him would betray him.

“Don’t be angry. Everything you have now is from me. What I’ve given you, I can also bestow upon someone else. Now, finish Jared off,” the old voice slowly said.

Edgar got up from the ground and looked at his surroundings. The crowd felt his eyes on them, and they instantly lowered their heads.

Edgar’s gaze eventually landed on the Deragon family’s experts.

“Come here, all of you,” he ordered.

They approached him cautiously.

“How may we help you, Mr. Edgar?”

“Lend me your power.”

With that, rays of black light shot out from his palm and struck the experts.

The experts’ martial energy flowed out of their bodies along the black light and entered Edgar’s body.

They struggled desperately, but it was futile.

In just about ten seconds, the Deragon family’s experts were mummified.

Edgar felt relief like never before.

“This time, let us truly become one,” the old voice sounded in his mind.

Soon after, Edgar felt the aura in his body increase exponentially.

A colossal shadow slowly materialized behind him.

The shadow held a cane in its hand as it floated behind Edgar. The crowd was shocked beyond words.

It was the first time they had seen what a spirit looked like.

However, Edgar did not notice what was happening behind his back. He thrust a palm forward, and a giant palm appeared in the sky, a terrifying aura billowing around it.

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