A Man Like None Other Chapter 1619 by desire novel

Chapter 1619 Do Your Best

The strike landed on Jared. Jared was restrained and unable to deal with the attack. “Do you really think that you can restrain me like this?”

Jared chuckled coldly before a golden light shone from his body. Thereafter, a ray of pure and saintly light shot up into the sky. The shadows that had been restraining Jared were pulverized by the strong light.

Jared landed an effortless strike and destroyed Edgar’s gigantic palm shadow. “It appears that the spirit inside of you has taken a demonic path…” Jared said coldly as he stared at the black figure behind Edgar.

Edgar’s expression was ugly when he realized that Jared had been pretending to be restrained earlier on. He had been happy for naught.

He had exhausted all his skills, but he still could not defeat Jared. Even after the spirit had truly become one with him, he was unable to do anything to Jared.

Edgar could not understand why Jared could be so strong and better than him at everything. An ugly expression appeared on his face, but the spirit behind him had an even uglier expression on its face.

It only agreed to become one with Edgar because it wanted to kill Jared. However, it did not expect that Jared had been pretending to be trapped.

After becoming one with Edgar, the spirit shared Edgar’s fate. If Edgar died, it would be destroyed too. After living for thousands of years, it yearned to reincarnate. However, how could the spirit take it if it were to disappear just like that?

“I won’t allow myself to lose!” Edgar yelled, but his voice sounded very old and hoarse. Jared knew that the voice belonged to the spirit.

Soon after, the cane in the spirit’s hand moved and an enormous black hole appeared above their heads. There was a strong pulling force coming from the black hole. The spirit wanted to suck Jared into the black hole.

With the appearance of the black hole, an aura that made people tremble in fear appeared and expanded. Everyone grew nervous.

“Things are born, and things perish. Everything happens according to fate…” Edgar started chanting, and the aura emitting from the black hole grew more frightening.

Jared raised his head to look at the black hole and a grim look appeared on his face.

“Are you hoping to kill me like this? However, if I destroy this space…” Jared mused aloud as his eyes narrowed.

Then, he leapt up and flew toward the black hole.

Just as he leaped up, boundless golden light emitted from his body.

“Sacred Light Fist…”

Rays of white sacred light surged toward the black hole.

The Sacred Light Fist was a technique that had been passed down from generation to generation. It was imparted to Jared by an ancient man who had lived for thousands of years. Naturally, the technique was mysterious and secretive.

Jared could not fully comprehend the secrets of the technique either.

Rays of sacred light were swallowed by the black hole.

“Hahaha! It’s no use! This is a technique from the depths of hell. Nothing can stop it!” The spirit cackled maniacally.

Jared remained silent as he shook his fists at the black hole and rays of sacred light disappeared within the black hole.

Soon after, the heavens and earth shook violently. The entire sky contorted and looked like someone was pulling it harshly.


A ray of white light traveled out of the black hole. Its rays of light were brighter than the sun.

The black hole instantly disappeared under the white light!

Soon, the bright light disappeared gradually, and the sky regained its normal appearance.

Edgar and the spirit were stunned.

“That’s all you’ve got?” Jared laughed frostily.

He then jumped up and threw a golden ball of spiritual energy toward Edgar.


The attack caused Edgar to spit out a mouthful of blood while the spirit behind him grew weaker and fainter.

“Do your best. We can’t escape…” the spirit said to Edgar. It appeared to be resigned to its fate.

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