A Man Like None Other Chapter 1620 by desire novel

Chapter 1620 I Am Coming For You

When Edgar heard the spirit’s words, he was on the verge of a breakdown. His confidence stemmed from the spirit inside him, but the spirit unexpectedly said such depressing words! Doesn’t this mean that we will definitely die?

Edgar did not want to die. He had exerted too much effort to become a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, and he had not enjoyed the feeling of being worshipped by others yet. “Jared, I admit defeat! I surrender! Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me…”

Edgar broke down completely. He did not wish to die nor did he want to continue fighting. He only hoped that Jared could spare his life. The spirit in his body panicked. Edgar’s breakdown meant that it had no hope left.

At that moment, it really regretted becoming one with Edgar. The two entities shared a life. Edgar’s breakdown caused the spirit to be affected greatly.

“Trash! What are you doing?” the spirit yelled. However, Edgar appeared like he was unable to hear it for he ignored it and pleaded with Jared. “Jared, I know your identity. I’m your cousin. You can’t kill me. We’re family…”

Edgar wanted to appeal to Jared and played the family card. As long as he could survive, he was willing to do anything. “Shut up. I don’t have a family like you!”

Jared was enraged when Edgar said such words. What a piece of shit! His mother had been imprisoned for more than twenty years, but Edgar still had the cheek to say that they were family!

Jared’s expression was frosty. The golden light shone from his body as he walked toward Edgar.

Edgar fell to the ground with a loud thump.

He knelt before Jared in front of everyone in the martial arts world.

At that instant, Edgar was totally broken and had a nervous breakdown!

“Hahaha. I didn’t expect that Edgar would be such a coward.”

“Wasn’t he very confident earlier on? He still wanted to be the best fighter in the martial arts world, yet now…”

“He just appears to be strong, but he’s actually very weak…”

When Edgar knelt, many people started mocking him loudly.

“Trash! You’re a piece of trash! Why did I choose you previously?”

The spirit scolded him angrily and used his spiritual sense to control Edgar’s mind.

It had to take control of Edgar’s body completely, or they would both die.

Just as Jared approached Edgar, frosty energy emitted from his body.

Thereafter, Edgar stood up and suddenly ran toward Jared as he yelled.

Although Jared was prepared, he was attacked until he stumbled backward.

However, his body was extremely strong presently. Even if Edgar abruptly attacked him, the latter would not be able to harm him.

Although Edgar was controlled by the spirit, the spirit’s abilities had weakened considerably. It was not as strong as Edgar presently.

However, the spirit was unwilling to sit by and wait for death as it knew that even if Edgar knelt, they would be unable to escape their fate for death awaited them.

Jared’s hand shone with golden light as he punched Edgar’s chest harshly.

A large hole appeared in Edgar’s chest and the spirit in Edgar’s body was forced out.

The black spirit fell to the ground and wanted to say something, but it was killed by Jared in one punch.

Without the spirit, Edgar regained control of his body. He looked at the bloodied hole in his body with fear in his eyes.

“Spare me, please…” Edgar burst into tears as he pleaded earnestly.

“I won’t spare you. Not only you, but I will not spare every single one in the Deragon family…”

Jared threw a vicious punch at Edgar’s head.

Edgar’s head was pulverized immediately, His aura dissipated slowly before disappearing completely.

Yet, even when Jared stared at the dead Edgar, he did not feel the slightest bit of joy at his victory.

He slowly walked out of the martial arts arena without looking back.

“The Deragon family… I’m coming for you.”

Jared’s eyes glinted with chilling menace.

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