A Man Like None Other Chapter 1625 by desire novel

Chapter 1625 Violet Cloud Palace

At the foot of the Kazillion Mountains, four men were hurriedly forging ahead with a woman whose face was covered by a black cloth. Upon arriving before a huge boulder, they came to a stop.

After scrutinizing their surroundings, one of them stepped forward and chanted something. On the heels of that, visible ripples manifested in mid-air, followed by a pitch-black space-time rift materializing.

Seeing that, they swiftly walked into the rift with the woman. Thereafter, the rift closed. Soon, the scenery before them changed. The initial environment with lush trees had turned into a snowscape then.

Fortunately, all four of them were Martial Arts Marquises, so the cold didn’t affect them much.

Lifting their heads, they cast their gazes ahead, only to see a magnificent palace a stone’s throw away. Under the reflection of the white snow, it appeared incredibly grand and majestic.

“So, this is the legendary secret realm. Getting to visit this place once in a lifetime makes this trip worthwhile!” one of them exclaimed. Subsequently, they headed toward the palace.

When they arrived at the palace gates, they were greeted by the sight of a plaque overhead with three gilded words: Violet Cloud Palace. Before the gates of Violet Cloud Palace stood two guards in silver armor with icy expressions.

Their auras were exceedingly powerful, far beyond those of the four men. “Who are the lot of you?” the guards demanded in a frosty voice.

“We’re from the Deragon family, and we came here to Violet Cloud Palace to escort someone over. That aside, we have a letter for someone named Santiago Hargreaves,” one of the four men cautiously replied while stepping forward.

“How dare you address the master of Violet Cloud Palace by name!” The two guards were infuriated, and their auras promptly burst forth.

Their legs gave out, and the four elites of the Deragon family dropped to their knees on the ground.

Being advanced-phase Martial Arts Marquises, they were considered elites in the martial arts world of Jadeborough. Otherwise, Ryker wouldn’t have taken them under his wings as trump cards.

Yet, they presently didn’t even have the ability to put up a fight in the face of the two guards of Violet Cloud Palace.

“Please spare us, sirs! We didn’t mean any offense!”

None of them had ever thought that the man known as Santiago was actually the master of Violet Cloud Palace.

If Ryker had told us about the man’s identity, we definitely wouldn’t have phrased things in such a manner.

In truth, Ryker didn’t know either. Back then, Santiago was merely a wealthy heir within Violet Cloud Palace. He was the one who took a fancy to Jared’s mother, Beatrice.

Unexpectedly, the man became the master of Violet Cloud Palace more than twenty years later.

“Mr. Hargreaves gave the order to allow them in!”

Just then, a ray of light appeared in mid-air. Immediately after, a woman in white walked out of the light.

She wore a hairpin and had fair skin, but judging from her looks and attire, she seemed to be a maidservant at Violet Cloud Palace.

At the sight of her, the two guards nodded slightly.

The four elites of the Deragon family scrambled to their feet and followed the woman into the ray of light with Beatrice.

When the light disappeared, their figures likewise vanished into thin air.

By the time the four men gathered their wits about them, they discovered that they were already in a hall.

The hall was vast and spacious, but there wasn’t a single soul there.

They held their breaths, not daring to make a peep, for they were even weaker than an ant there despite being elites of the Deragon family.

“The guests are here, Mr. Hargreaves,” the woman said to the chair made of marble in front of them.

Just as they wondered why she was speaking to the air, the air rippled.

In the next heartbeat, a middle-aged man appeared on the empty chair without warning.

He was none other than the master of Violet Cloud Palace, Santiago Hargreaves.

The four elites of the Deragon family were wholly astounded, for they had never seen such advanced teleportation magecraft.

This is simply amazing, incredible beyond words!

“This is our master, Mr. Hargreaves. Didn’t you all claim to have a letter for him?” the woman asked them.

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