A Man Like None Other Chapter 1627 by desire novel

Chapter 1627 A Henpecked Husband

“What’s the matter that you’re in such a hurry, Roanna?” Upon spotting the middle-aged woman, Santiago quickly stepped forward and put that question forth.

It turned out that the middle-aged woman was his wife, Roanna Anderson. “Hailey—”

Roanna had just opened her mouth when she screeched to a stop mid-utterance. Her brows scrunched together imperceptibly, and she swept her gaze around.

At that, Santiago’s expression changed, his apprehension as clear as day. “What’s wrong with Hailey, Roanna?” he queried.

However, Roanna waved a hand to shut him up before closing her eyes slightly as though trying to discern something. When Santiago saw that, he broke out in a cold sweat.

He furtively made some hand seals with his right hand. Rays of light resembling those of fireflies rained down the entire hall, seemingly concealing a particular aura.

Shortly after, Roanna opened her eyes again. Frowning, she mused, “Why do I sense a woman’s fragrance in the hall?”

“Really? Why don’t I smell anything?” Santiago pretended to sniff at the air. “Cut the act! Did a woman come in here?” Roanna questioned.

“Oh, I remember now! Calanthe came earlier, and I told her to run some errands for me,” Santiago explained posthaste.

“But why do I feel as though this smell doesn’t belong to her?” A frown marred Roanna’s face, and her expression was dubious.

“Of course, it does! You’re overthinking things. How could some woman come in when it’s the secret realm here?” Santiago reassured lovingly, stepping forward and wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“Hmph! You’re always acting all lascivious. Let me warn you that you’re not allowed to have any designs on those few maidservants even if there aren’t any other women. I’ve long since noticed the look in your eyes when your gaze falls on them!” Roanna warned with a harrumph.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Roanna! I’m the master here now, so I can’t possibly mess around with the maidservants!” Santiago retorted in feigned anger.

Having said that, he promptly asked, “Oh yes, what were you saying about Hailey just now?”

“Oh, Hailey took off!” Roanna exclaimed anxiously. “Took off? Don’t tell me she sneaked off to Eventide Cave again?” Santiago muttered, his brows furrowed.

“No, no. This time, she went to the mundane world. She gave everyone the slip!” Roanna replied, waving her hands frantically.


As soon as Santiago heard that, he broke out in a cold sweat, even as his temper spiked. “Are all those guards dead? How useless that they can’t even keep an eye on her! I’ll send men out to look for her right away. I’ll find her for sure!”

At the sight of the man in a towering rage, Roanna immediately coaxed, “Calm down. Autumn went with her, so she should be fine.”

Only when Santiago heard that someone accompanied Hailey did he breathe a sigh of relief.

“Even so, we’ve got to send some men out to find her as soon as possible.”

Hailey was his only beloved daughter, so he didn’t want anything to befall her.

“I’ve already sent someone to inform Waxing Crescent Castle and have Claus search for her. It’s also a golden opportunity for them to interact,” Roanna remarked.

At her words, a grin bloomed on Santiago’s face. “You’re always so smart, Roanna. As long as Violet Cloud Palace and Waxing Crescent Castle unite in marriage, the resources in the whole of the secret realm will belong to both families exclusively!”

The secret realm where Santiago resided was exceedingly vast and housed a number of families. In a bid to compete for resources, the families would also fight among themselves.

Of all places, resources were most bountiful at Eventide Cave and Waxing Crescent Cave.

Eventide Cave was in Violet Cloud Palace’s territory, while Waxing Crescent Cave was in Waxing Crescent Castle’s territory.

If the two families were to unite in marriage, the resources would be shared among them. Consequently, other families wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Furthermore, they could then join hands and annex other families.

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