A Man Like None Other Chapter 1630 by desire novel

Chapter 1630 Idol

At that time, Jared was at the Gunderson residence as he did not see the return of the four elites of the Deragon family. Jared knew if he wanted to learn more about Violet Cloud Palace, he would need to look for Fernando.

It was because Franklin was a spiritual energy cultivator and knew where those spiritual energy cultivation sects’ hidden locations were. Thus, he deduced that Fernando would know the location of Violet Cloud Palace!

“Jared, my father isn’t at home and he’s been gone for quite some time now. He said that he wanted to go to the Gunderson family’s estate, but I’m not sure where that is…” Astrid said to Jared.

“Since Mr. Gunderson isn’t around, then I shan’t bother you anymore,” Jared replied with a smile. He was certain that the Gunderson family’s estate, as mentioned by Fernando, was definitely where the Gunderson family’s sect was hiding!

However, since Fernando wasn’t present, Jared could only wait for him to return. Just when Jared was about to leave, Astrid suddenly blushed and asked, “Jared, c-could you stay for a while longer? I’d like to talk to you…”

It was a shocking moment for Astrid to see Jared make a breakthrough and kill Edgar with her own eyes. After all, beauties were naturally drawn to heroes. At that time, Astrid was already smitten with Jared.

She did not care whether he had a girlfriend or not. Jared was clearly aware of Astrid’s intentions. Despite that, he was not quite in the mood to stay around and chat with her.

Jared still wasn’t sure what his mother would be experiencing now that she had been sent to Violet Cloud Palace. At that moment, he was all anxious and concerned.

“I’m busy right now, Ms. Gunderson. Let’s talk when I’m free.”

With that, Jared left immediately and went straight to Medicine God Sect. Since he did not know the exact location of Violet Cloud Palace, he would have to focus on Warriors Alliance for now and find a way to rescue Josephine.

However, as soon as Jared arrived at Medicine God Sect, he was dumbfounded by the sight.

Almost everyone from the martial arts world had come here to pledge alliance to him, hoping they would receive protection from him.

All of them knew that Jared was Lord of Medicine God Sect, and those who became his followers had formed an alliance with Medicine God Sect as well.

That was the reason they had flocked to the place.

Medicine God Sect, which had been shunned and disdained, suddenly became lively and packed.

“Mr. Chance! Mr. Chance!”

As soon as Jared appeared at Medicine God Sect, everyone shouted manically.

There were a lot of girls screaming crazily, as if Jared were their idol.

Among them was a girl wearing a blue dress who stood behind the crowd, observing Jared quietly.

“Autumn, I don’t see anything special about this Jared, though. He doesn’t look powerful or extraordinary at all, so why are these girls going crazy over him? What a waste of my time and energy following them here…”

The girl in the blue dress spoke in a disappointing tone.

She was actually Santiago’s daughter, Hailey Hargreaves. Ever since escaping from the secret realm, Hailey had been wandering around Jadeborough. Thus, everything about Jadeborough was new and fascinating to her.

Later on, Hailey overheard a group of girls talking about Jared, praising him effusively, and even comparing him to the gods in heaven.

Their words sparked her curiosity so she decided to follow them over to Medicine God Sect.

However, when Hailey finally saw Jared, she was utterly disappointed.

“They are mere mortals, Ms. Hargreaves. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t be interested in them! I think we’d better go back now. Otherwise, Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves will be very anxious if we’re gone for too long,” Autumn persuaded Hailey.

“I’m definitely not going back! I’m staying here to have fun for a few more days.”

Having said that, Hailey hopped away quickly.

“It’s dangerous for you to do so, Ms. Hargreaves!”

Autumn chased after her.

“What danger? I don’t think anyone here is my match. Furthermore, I am protected by you. Who would dare to pick on me?”

Hailey wasn’t worried at all.

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