A Man Like None Other Chapter 1638 by desire novel

Chapter 1638 Leave

“Ms. Hargreaves, hurry! You must leave!” yelled Autumn. She was taking on all four of them herself. Hailey’s eyes were filled with reluctance, but she eventually bit the bullet and ran in Jared’s direction.

However, one of the men in black noticed Hailey running and immediately came charging her way. Autumn tried to hold him back, but she was stopped by his comrades. Despite her best efforts, she could not shake free of their pestering.

With a leap, that lone man managed to catch up to Hailey and aimed a blow at her back. In response, she hurriedly spun around to counter his palm strike with her own.

Boom! Since Hailey had already been injured by them before, the force of his attack was strong enough to send her hurtling into the air before landing at Jared’s feet.

“Are you okay, Miss?” Jared immediately helped Hailey up. When Hailey noticed that it was Jared, she remained on guard still, putting some distance between them.

It seemed that she still did not think Jared had good intentions. The man in black walked closer to Hailey, but Jared stood in his way, blocking him.

“Look here, brat. This doesn’t concern you. Just buzz off!” said the man angrily.

“Who are you people? Why are you attacking this woman?” asked Jared.

“I’ve said it before. This does not concern you!”

Having said that, the man reached out to grab Hailey.

Immediately, a golden light radiated off Jared’s body as he aimed a punch at the man in black.

Jared had unleashed his Power of Dragons in full force.

Golden dragons could be seen hovering over his balled fist.

“Golden Dragon’s True Form?”

The man in black was stunned, but he followed up with an attack of his own.


A flash of golden light ensued, and Jared could feel a huge surge of energy crashing into him.

He was sent flying back before he collided heavily against a nearby wall, smashing it to pieces.

A metallic taste filled his mouth as Jared spat out a mouthful of his blood.

All Jared could do was stare at the man in disbelief as he slowly dragged his injured body up.

I may be a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, but I can’t even hold my own against these guys!

Just how powerful are these men?

What the hell is happening in Jadeborough? I don’t get it!

Jared could not quite fathom why so many elites had shown up out of the blue.

“Who are you? Why are you interfering in our affairs?” asked the man in black icily.

“I’m just intervening in the horrendous treatment of a woman. I don’t actually have any idea what’s going on between you both,” replied Jared as he wiped the blood off his mouth.

“Since you have no idea, then stay the f*ck away! Don’t make me kill you!”

After he uttered those words, the man in black ignored Jared and once more reached out to seize Hailey.

Jared staggered to his feet, and a dazzling golden light erupted from his fists.

“Sacred Light Fist!”

With all his might, Jared flung himself at the man in black.

Even though he knew he was no match for them, Jared chose to act anyway.

“Ancient Holy Fist?”

The man in black narrowed his eyes, yet he was quite shocked.


Another burst of golden light appeared as Jared was once again flung away by a tremendous force.

It was only then that Hailey’s initial suspicion of Jared vanished.

“Are you okay?” asked Hailey, her tone filled with concern.

“I’m okay!” replied Jared with a nod.

However, Jared knew that the man in black had not used his full strength. It was almost as if he had no intention of killing Jared.

“Don’t make me kill you! Leave!”

The man slowly advanced toward Hailey and Jared.

“Just leave. This has nothing to do with you. You needn’t risk your life for me.”

Hailey knew that she was surrounded and thus asked Jared to stay out of this fight.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be fine.”

After he said that, Jared immediately took out his Necro Ring.

When he tossed it into the air, a black hole suddenly appeared.

Dragging Hailey behind him, they hurriedly entered the black hole.

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