A Man Like None Other Chapter 1642 by desire novel

Chapter 1642 Source

For the next few days, Jared remained in the Deragon residence, refusing to eat, drink, or leave the house.

No one knew what he was up to. Thump, thump, thump! This day, Godrick knocked on Jared’s door. “What is it?” Jared’s voice rang out from inside the room.

“Jared, someone who claims to be a good friend of yours is here to visit you,” Godrick told him. “What is his name?” Jared asked with his brows furrowed together. I don’t remember having a good friend in Jadeborough.

“His name is Flaxseed,” Godrick replied. Hearing that, Jared hastily pulled the door open, his eyes gleaming brightly.

However, with his overgrown facial hair, he appeared pretty unkempt. “Where is he? Bring him to me now!” Jared ordered anxiously.

Without hesitation, Godrick led Flaxseed in. Flaxseed was surprised to see Jared’s condition. “What the f*ck happened to you? Did you decide to get friendly with the homeless? Why do you look like this?” Flaxseed was baffled.

Jared used to be a handsome young fellow but now resembled a middle-aged man with his stubble. “Mr. Flaxseed, come in. I need to talk to you.” Jared pulled Flaxseed into his room and told Godrick to assign someone to stand guard outside.

No one was allowed to enter his room. “What? Why are you acting all mysterious?” Flaxseed asked. “Mr. Flaxseed, where did you learn your charm spells?” Jared questioned.

“From my mentor, of course. Why do you even need to ask that?” Flaxseed shot him a perplexed look.

“I know you learned it from your mentor. What I mean is, what is the name of your organization?” Jared was in a hurry and turned a touch incoherent.

“The Guild of Theurgists. Our ancestor is the famous Zalano,” Flaxseed introduced his guild proudly. “Do you know the Skywrath Sect? They specialize in charm spells, too,” Jared asked.

Stunned, Flaxseed observed Jared carefully. “Why did you ask about the Skywrath Sect suddenly? They are an ancient sect that disappeared years ago. The sects that specialized in charm spells later on mostly originated from the Skywrath Sect. In fact, the Guild of Theurgists’ ancestor, Zalano, used to be an unimportant disciple in the Skywrath Sect.”

Jared’s eyes widened in shock. “The Skywrath Sect is that capable?”

“Of course. Back then, the head of the Skywrath Sect wrote a charm that subdued the demons for hundreds of years. Imagine how powerful that charm was! Martial artists are the mainstream now, so many people assume charm spells are useless. They are wrong, for charms can save lives and kill others! It can also protect an area from getting attacked! A charm master can create a charm that can kill a Martial Arts Saint instantly. Similarly, a senior charm master’s charm can help a Greater Martial Arts Marquis advance to a Martial Arts Saint! Charm spells are ever-changing and endless. According to legends, charms can be used to subdue even gods,” Flaxseed explained happily.

Thanks to his explanation, Jared was now well-informed about charm spells.

“I have something to show you,” Jared said.

He then pulled out the map of Skywrath Sect’s ancient ruins with some notes scribbled on it.

At the sight of the map, Flaxseed’s entire being trembled in excitement.

“Isn’t this… Don’t tell me… Does Skywrath Sect still exist? That’s impossible! I can’t believe it! Where did you get the map? Could it be fake?” Flaxseed demanded.

He refused to believe that such a map existed in the world.

Jared revealed how he drew the map in the Warriors Alliance to Flaxseed without skipping any details.

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