A Man Like None Other Chapter 1643 by desire novel

Chapter 1643 Married

“If this is from the Warriors Alliance, then it might be real. Oh, this is great! I can’t believe I’ll get to see the most ancient sect specializing in charm spells in my lifetime! Come, let’s depart now. I can’t wait to be there!” Flaxseed urged.

He took Jared’s hand, about to drag the latter out. “Wait! I need to clean up!” Jared protested. He looked like a vagrant, so he had to clean up before leaving.

For the past few days, Jared had wallowed in self-pity as he knew it was pretty hard for him to increase his cultivation level at this stage.

He would only gain progress if he got an opportunity, but opportunities were hard to come by. Who knew how long he had to wait for his next opportunity?

If Jared was able to master charm spells and create a charm to scare his enemy and protect society, his ability would increase rapidly. He could draw protective charms for his loved ones. That way, he wouldn’t have to worry that his enemy would capture them.

After washing up, Jared was finally back to his usual handsome self. “Hey, why are you taking so long to wash up? Are you a woman? Come on, we need to leave now!”

An impatient Flaxseed pulled Jared out to head to the airport. “Mr. Flaxseed, I thought you dare not return to Jadeborough. Why are you back now?” Jared inquired.

“Zion is dead, so I’m not afraid anymore! Now that he’s dead, you’re the only one who knows my identity,” Flaxseed explained happily. Looks like he’s delighted that Zion’s dead.

They boarded the plane to Whitesea. The ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect were nearby Whitesea, thousands of miles away from Jadeborough.

Jared stared out of the window blankly. He last went to Whitesea a year ago with Tristan because of Crescent Sect.

I wonder how Tristan and Megan are doing…

Jared’s lips curled as that thought occurred to him. As Jared’s enemies grew increasingly powerful, he rarely asked the Bailey family to get involved anymore, as he didn’t want to drag them into trouble.

The Bailey family was just an ordinary family in the corporate world who hired a few Martial Arts Grandmasters as their security guards.

In the martial arts world, a few Martial Arts Grandmasters could be easily defeated.

“Mr. Chance? Mr. Chance!”

A familiar voice rang out while Jared was staring out of the window blankly.

He turned over his shoulder and was stunned to see who it was. “Tristan? Why are you here?”

Jared could barely hide his surprise. After all, he had just been thinking about Tristan, and now Tristan was right before him.

“Mr. Chance, it’s really you! Megan told me she spotted you, but I didn’t believe her!” Tristan greeted him excitedly.

He then waved at someone in a seat not far away.

Soon, Megan made her way over. Judging from the size of her belly, she was obviously pregnant.

“Mr. Chance, I spotted you earlier and told Tristan to check if I was right. I can’t believe we ran into you here!” Megan said happily.

Jared cast a surprised look at Megan’s belly. “Are you married?”

Tristan bobbed his head. “Yes, we’re married. This is an unplanned pregnancy, though. We’re heading back to Whitesea to hold our wedding there!”

Megan blushed and lowered her head. She was embarrassed to reveal the fact that she got pregnant before marriage.

“Oh, great! You finally ended up together!” Jared burst out in laughter.

Curious, Tristan asked, “Mr. Chance, why are you heading to Whitesea?”

Whitesea wasn’t a major city, and not many people would visit it as it didn’t have many tourist attractions.

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