A Man Like None Other Chapter 1665 by desire novel

Chapter 1665 Another Regiment

Jared stared at the coffee wordlessly for a long time. He didn’t have the guts to drink it. Who knows what they put inside?

“Please have some coffee,” Great Elder said. There was a hint of reverence in his voice that shocked Fernando, who was still kneeling on the ground.

I’ve never heard Great Elder being this polite to someone else. Jared had no choice but to take a sip of the coffee.

My power has been sealed, so there’s no point in resisting. At this point, I can only go with the flow.

Having made up his mind, Jared downed the coffee in one gulp. At once, he sensed a warm sensation coursing across his body.

To his surprise, his sealed elixir field was freed, and he could feel his spiritual energy boiling within his body.

Jared checked himself out and realized his strength was all back. The seal had been lifted!

Caught by surprise, Jared couldn’t help but why the coffee could be this effective.

He raised his head to ask what happened.

When he looked up, he discovered a huge relief sculpture appearing on the wall behind Great Elder.

It was a relief sculpture depicting a huge dragon that was the exact replica of the dragon on Jared’s Dragon Ring!

Shock flitted across Jared’s face as curiosity filled his heart.

Great Elder had already leaped up from his chair and landed before Jared.

He then got on his knees.

“My Lord, Chester Gunderson, at your service,” he said respectfully.

Great Elder of the Gunderson family, Chester Gunderson, had knelt before Jared to greet him courteously!

Fernando could barely believe his eyes. He gaped, slacked-jawed.

I’ve never seen Great Elder leave his seat or kneel before anyone! In the Gunderson family, Great Elder is respected by everyone. He has never knelt to anyone. Why is he on his knees before Jared, a young man in his twenties? He even addressed Jared as “My Lord!”

The sight was a bolt from the blue to Fernando.

Seeing Chester kneeling before him, Jared glanced at the relief sculpture and belatedly realized what was going on.

“Are you part of the Dragon Sect, too?” he asked.

“My Lord, the Gunderson family is one of the thirteen regiments of the Dragon Sect. I’ve waited twenty years for you to show up,” came Chester’s answer. There was a hint of delight in his trembling voice.

Comprehension dawned on Jared. He couldn’t help but look forward to getting to know more about his father.

He had no idea how powerful his father was to be able to make the Gunderson family, a family specializing in spiritual energy cultivation, one of the Dragon Sect’s regiments.

Jared wondered if the remaining regiments who had yet to reveal themselves would shock him senseless.

However, he discovered that the regiments would reveal themselves according to their strengths. The later they showed up, the stronger they were. Besides, they would always appear in his life accordingly as though his life was part of someone’s plan.

“Get up. We need to talk,” Jared ordered with a wave.

Chester nodded and got to his feet to stand beside Jared.

“Mr. Gunderson, you can get up, too,” Jared told Fernando.

Fernando shook his head profusely. “I wouldn’t dare!”

Chester was standing beside Jared, so he dared not get to his feet.

“The overlord told you to get up, so do as he says,” Chester spoke.

Hearing that, Fernando slowly stood up but remained in a stooped position.

Fernando had never heard of the Dragon Sect or regiment, but he knew Jared was now the boss of the Gunderson family as Chester obeyed Jared’s orders.

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