A Man Like None Other Chapter 1666 by desire novel

Chapter 1666 Another Way

“I have a question. What’s with that young lady?” Jared asked. He didn’t want a regiment under the Dragon Sect to create zombie puppets.

Hearing his question, Chester hurriedly explained, “My Lord, this young lady is my daughter.” “Your daughter?” An incredulous expression took over Jared’s face. “Why is she lifeless? Is she dead?”

Chester’s expression changed as he replied, “My Lord, someone set my daughter up and killed her years ago. I did my very best to gather one soul and one spirit belonging to her. To be exact, she isn’t a corpse. To prevent her body from rotting, I have to burn incense every day in the hall.”

Tears glistened in Chester’s eyes.  He couldn’t do anything to help his daughter and had to spend all his time with her. Anyone would have the same reaction if they were in his shoes.

Jared took a close look at the young lady, who seemed to be in her twenties. Chester was obviously over a hundred years old, so Jared would never guess she was his daughter if he hadn’t revealed the fact.

“How long has your daughter been like this?” Jared asked. “Twenty years.”

Jared was startled by his answer.

“She seems to be in her twenties. How is that possible?” He gazed at Chester’s daughter incredulously. She doesn’t look like a middle-aged woman in her forties.

“My Lord, my daughter was harmed when she was twenty-four years old, so her body remained at that age. Besides, those who cultivate spiritual energy like us will get to increase our lifespan according to our strength. Some can live till hundreds and even thousands of years, so this is nothing special,” Chester explained.

Jared gave a curt nod. “Have you never thought of reviving your daughter all these years?”

“Well,” Chester sighed, “I’ve used every means to no avail. When my daughter ended up in this state, I had a dream. A golden dragon told me that the next overlord of the Dragon Sect will be able to revive my daughter! Hence, I waited for the overlord patiently for twenty years, and today, you’re finally here.”

Suddenly, Chester went on his knees again. “My Lord, please revive my daughter. I’ll pledge loyalty to you and risk my life to protect you.”

Jared panicked instantly. I can’t revive Chester’s daughter. My ability is no match for an elder in the Gunderson family.

“Great Elder, I’m afraid I can’t revive your daughter with my current ability. Why don’t you think of another way?” Jared suggested awkwardly.

“My Lord, I believe you can do it as the golden dragon appeared in my dream and told me so. Even if you cannot do it now, you will be able to do so one day. Please take her with you and find a chance to revive her! My daughter is in the Spirit Divider level, which translates to the Martial Arts Saint level in the martial arts world. There might only be one soul and one spirit within her, but her body is indestructible. She’ll be able to help you out, My Lord,” Chester pleaded.

He wanted Jared to take his daughter along on his journey.

Jared was stumped. If Chester’s daughter was an ordinary person, he might consider taking her along with him. Besides, he could head to Warriors Alliance and save Josephine with a Martial Arts Saint’s help.

However, Chester’s daughter was no different from a zombie puppet. It would be hard to explain if Jared brought her along.

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