A Man Like None Other Chapter 1668 by desire novel

Chapter 1668 Invitation To Fight

Franklin was freaking out. Does Astrid know how powerful Jared is now? He’s someone the Great Elder pays his respect to. How can she talk to him in such a tone? Is she courting death? Moreover, Evangeline is the Great Elder’s daughter. She is really asking for it to be jealous of her! “Dad, what’s wrong? He—”

Before Astrid could say anything, Fernando threw her back into her room. “Mr. Chance, please ignore her. She’s like this…”

Fernando apologized hastily to Jared. Jared smiled indifferently. “I think you have to explain to Ms. Gunderson properly. Contrary to what she believed, I’m not a promiscuous person.”

“Of course, I will explain to her!” Fernando nodded vigorously. Jared left with Evangeline. Meanwhile, Fernando went to find Astrid to give her a stern warning.

“Listen to me. The next time you see Mr. Chance, you need to be respectful to him. Don’t you dare show any amount of disrespect to him! You can’t talk to him like how you did just now. Do you understand?” Fernando scolded Astrid.

Astrid was astounded. “Dad, what’s wrong? You took a trip back to the Gunderson residence, and you’re acting so odd now. Jared has some skills, but there’s no need for you to be so afraid of him. Also, who’s the other woman? Is she dating Jared?”

Hearing that, Fernando reprimanded, “Shut your mouth! If Mr. Chance asks you to do anything, you will do it. You have no right to question or talk back.”

“Dad, why? Tell me what happened,” Astrid asked, perplexed.

“You will know in the future. All you have to do is listen to me now!” Fernando did not dare to reveal Jared’s and Evangeline’s identities.

After Fernando left, Astrid flung her pillow onto the ground in a fit of rage. She was perplexed by how drastically her father had changed in just a few days.

At the Deragon residence, Godrick was summoning experts to gather as the patriarch of the Deragon family. Leviathan and The Villainous Four were also present.

As a result, the residence was currently packed like sardines in a can with experts.

However, all of them wore grim expressions.

“Everyone, today is the last day, as stated in the invitation! If Jared is still nowhere to be found, we will have to fight to the death against Warriors Alliance,” Godrick said as he furrowed his brows.

“F*ck! Let’s go all out against Warriors Alliance! What is there to be afraid of?” Brody bellowed.

“Brody, shut your trap!” Oakley shot a glare at Brody before continuing, “What should we do if we go and fight against Warriors Alliance and injure Ms. Sullivan accidentally during the process?”

Upon hearing Oakley’s statement, everyone fell silent.

At that moment, Godrick looked at Rayleigh and asked, “Mr. Deragon, how about you make the decision?”

Rayleigh had the most authority among everyone present. Therefore, he became the one who had to make the decision.

Rayleigh glanced at Lizbeth. “Lizbeth, what do you think?”

Lizbeth did not answer. Her hands gripped the invitation from Warriors Alliance tightly, and her eyes were full of fury.

After Jared left, Skylar from Warriors Alliance came by with an invitation for Jared. They threatened to cut off one of Josephine’s arms if they did not see Jared at Warriors Alliance within three days.

Three days had passed since then. However, Jared was still unreachable, so everyone gathered to discuss a plan.

Since they were frightened of hurting Josephine, none of them dared to engage in combat with Warriors Alliance.

No one wished to take on such responsibility.

Just as everyone was at a loss, Jared came back with Evangeline.

“Mr. Chance is back!” someone shouted from outside.

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