A Man Like None Other Chapter 2231 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2231-Skyler was taken aback and looked at Jared in disbelief.

“Mr. Chance, t-these Spirit Connecting Fruits are priceless, and you are letting me have them?”

It was difficult for Skyler to believe that Jared would give her the fruits and not just one of it.

“Of course. We can only leave this place if we increase our powers as soon as possible.”

“There are six fruits here. Each of us will eat three. Hopefully, they will help us achieve a breakthrough!”

With that, Jared divided the fruits.

It was like a dream to Skyler when she stared at the Spirit Connecting Fruit. She had done nothing useful thus far. Furthermore, Jared sustained serious injuries just to save her. Yet, right now, he was giving her three fruits.

“Mr. Chance, I’m just an ordinary talent, and I doubt I will be able to absorb so many Spirit Connecting Fruits. I think you better take some more…”

Skyler then gave Jared one more fruit. Now, Jared had four, and she had two.

This time around, Jared did not turn her down. Instead, he urged, “I have no idea how long this Spirit Connecting Tree can last. Let’s cultivate now!”

Jared then swallowed one of the Spirit Connecting Fruits.

In that instant, he felt the fruit turning into a source of energy, and it began moving around in his body.

Jared could feel his pores opening up, and that surge of energy began to refine his body.

He activated Focus Technique and started refining that energy.

With his eyes closed, Jared started cultivating immediately.

Together with the refinement of the energy of the Spirit Connecting Fruit, the wounds on Jared’s body began to heal. Simultaneously, his aura rose too.

The moment one Spirit Connecting Fruit had been refined, Jared would swallow another one.

By the time he had consumed two Spirit Connecting Fruits, Skyler was still refining her first one.

She was in awe with his speed.

There was also an obvious change in Jared’s aura. After consuming two Spirit Connecting Fruits, Jared’s ability had increased to ninth­level Martial Arts Saint!

He could feel his body becoming lighter, and the spiritual energy in him increased.

“Ninth-level Martial Arts Saint… Afterward, it will be Martial Arts God…”

Jared looked at the remaining Spirit Connecting Fruits and took a deep inhalation.

As long as he could achieve a breakthrough and become a Martial Arts God, he would have no fear of those people outside.

With that thought in mind, Jared continued to swallow the next fruit.

This time around, his refinement speed increased. In less than four hours, Jared had managed to finish refining four Spirit Connecting Fruits.

Meanwhile, Emiliano and the others had tried everything, but they failed to open up the sphere on the tree.


Jared let out a deep exhalation. Four Spirit Connecting Fruits were only sufficient to allow Jared to go on to the ninth level of Martial Arts Saint.

It was only a step away from being a Martial Arts God.

“Gosh. This technique uses too much resources…”

Jared sighed helplessly. If it was others, one Spirit Connecting Fruit would be enough for them to become a Martial Arts God.

Yet, Jared was only at the peak of a Martial Arts Saint after consuming four Spirit Connecting Fruits. He was only a step away from becoming a Martial Arts God.

Jared looked at Skyler and saw that her aura was also becoming stronger. She should be reaching the fifth level of Martial Arts God, but she had only consumed one fruit. There was still another left in front of her.

Jared felt himself getting stronger. Therefore, it should not be a problem for him to deal with Emiliano and the others. Even if he could not defeat them, they should still be able to get away quite easily.

Jared attempted to open up the sphere that had entrapped them with various kinds of methods but to no avail.

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