A Man Like None Other Chapter 2235 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2235-Jared’s aura exploded, and golden light radiated from his body as a golden dragon appeared behind him.

He had unleashed the maximum potential of the Power of Dragons, and he struck out a punch imbued with Sacred Light Fist.

There was no technique or form, only raw power.

Elgado and Jared clashed head-on using brute force.

The air shook, and waves of power spread out in all directions.

The two figures, one black and one gold, repeatedly collided in mid-air with thunderous booms.

Avery felt the chaotic energy around him and kept retreating.

As Jared had just ascended to Martial Arts God, he had pent-up powers that he had nowhere to release. Hence, now was the perfect time to hone his newfound power with the guardian.


Another violent impact occurred as both sides unleashed their full strength.

The collision caused mountains to crumble and the earth to rupture.

Even the Spirit Connecting Tree, which had been still until then, began to sway violently.

Evenly matched, Jared and the guardian separated.

Avery was shocked at the sight.

After all, Jared had just attained Martial Arts God rank, and yet he was evenly matched with an Eight Level Martial Arts God!

This is incredible!

If it were him, he reckoned that he couldn’t even withstand a single punch from Jared.

Avery was terrified, as he had witnessed Jared’s exponential increase in strength. If he couldn’t kill Jared here, they might face his retaliation later.

“Elgado, you’re an Eight Level Martial Arts God, but you’ve only managed to fight Jared to a draw. It seems relying on black magic to increase your strength isn’t very reliable after all!” Avery said to him.

He was intentionally provoking him into fighting Jared to the death.

“Hmph, you know nothing,” Elgado snorted.

Then, he turned to Jared and said, “Brat, you’re only a new Martial Arts God, and yet your strength is impressive. But so what if you’re strong? I’ve already planted a Devil Seed in your body during our fight. You’ll soon experience a living hell.”

Elgado burst into a maniacal laugh, his eyes filled with endless mockery. He raised his palm, and the ground around Jared began to tremble. Black tentacles emerged from the ground.

Jared eyed the tentacles and realized that they were the same ones that Elgado used to absorb the power of other martial artists.

All the tentacles swarmed toward Jared, and something began to stir inside his body. An unknown force was rushing out of him and attracting the tentacles to attack him.

He wanted to dodge but found himself rooted to the ground. He couldn’t move at all.

Soon, countless tentacles wrapped around him tightly, draining his power like blood-sucking bats, eager to suck him dry.

Skyler was shocked by the sight before her and wanted to rush over to help Jared. However, she was sent flying with a single palm strike by Emiliano.

“Haha, even if you’re strong, you’re still a pawn to be used by others.” Elgado cackled.

He could already feel the power in Jared’s body flowing into his own.

Both Emiliano and Avery grew green with envy at the sight.

With Elgado’s already extraordinary strength, he would become even more unstoppable with Jared’s added power.

With their guardian assimilating Jared’s formidable power,

Scorching Heaven Sect would surely be able to dominate the hidden realm.

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