A Man Like None Other Chapter 2241 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2241-Jared and Skyler stepped forward, protecting Verner and the others behind them. Meanwhile, the Grand Elder of Flying Star Sect, Doyle, wore a cold expression and asked, “Who are you people?”

“Doyle, this woman is from Luminous Sect,” another elder replied.

“Luminous Sect?” Doyle frowned slightly. “Mind your own business and get lost.”

“Don’t you think the lot of you are supposed to get lost instead?” Jared retorted.

His eyes flashed with murderous intent. He walked up and slapped the Grand Elder, sending him flying.

“Flying Star Sect’s eldest heir is already dead, and yet you mere elders have the cheek to act arrogantly in front of me,” Jared mocked.

“What? You killed our eldest heir?”

The other elders of the Flying Star Sect were stumped.

Jared didn’t deign to reply and launched an attack at them.

The elders were notoriously ruthless, having slaughtered many martial artists. Hence, Jared wouldn’t spare their lives.

Verner and the others were at a loss for words to see Jared fighting against the elders all alone.

Their strengths used to be about the same. However, it was now clear that Jared was already leaps and bounds ahead of them.

“Mr. Chance, please spare their lives…”

Noticing that Jared intended to kill the five elders of Flying Star Sect, Skyler stepped forward to advise him.

“Mr. Chance, if you kill all five elders of Flying Star Sect, they will never let you off the hook. There’s no need to provoke them. Besides, they will also think that you’re the one who killed Avery. Then, Flying Star Sect will wage an endless war against you. It won’t do you any good,” Skyler reasoned.

Then, she turned to look at the other elders and said, “Your eldest heir, Avery Lindt, is dead. However, Scorching Heaven Sect killed him, and it had nothing to do with us!”

“Mr. Lindt is dead, so you can say whatever you want. Besides, Scorching Heaven Sect has been gone for years, and you’re saying that they killed him? Do you think we will believe what you said?” Doyle snickered.

“I don’t care if you believe me or not. Even if I don’t kill you today, I won’t let you off the hook that easily!” Jared said.

Then, beams of golden light radiated from atop his palms, striking toward the five elders.

The rays of golden lights were like swords, instantly penetrating through the five elders’ bodies.

Even though they did not die from the strike, all five elders suffered severe injuries, and their limbs were broken.

Having witnessed Jared’s prowess, the five elders no longer dared to say another word. Hence, they could only shoot daggered looks at Jared before they scurried for their lives.

“Mr. Chance, thank you for saving our lives.” Verner and the others approached Jared to thank him.

“Verner, this is just a small favor. You should leave this place now and never come back. It’s not a place that you guys can stay for long!” Jared commented.

He asked them to quickly leave as the place was full of sects from the hidden realm. If a conflict were to break out, the huge disparity in their strengths would only lead to the tragic deaths of outsider martial artists like Verner.

Since Verner and the others had witnessed firsthand how brutal the attacks could be, they wouldn’t dare to step foot here again.

After they left, Jared and Skyler rushed back to Luminous Sect. He had to save Flaxseed and Godrick as soon as possible.

When they were back at Luminous Sect, Jared immediately retrieved the Spirit Connecting Fruits and fed Godrick and Flaxseed one each.

After ingesting the fruits, Flaxseed and Godrick’s body shone with golden lights. Their bones and meridians were restored in just a moment.

“Jared, what did you feed us? How is it so magical? I could feel an invigorating force within my body,” Flaxseed asked, jumping out of bed.

“Jared, I feel a power stirring within my body. It’s as if my body’s about to explode,” Godrick said painfully.

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