A Man Like None Other Chapter 2242 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2242-“This is the Spirit Connecting Fruit. The Spring of Regeneration’s water nourished the Spirit Connecting Tree, and the fruits it bears have the magical power to reconstruct damaged physical bodies. The two of you should hurry up and refine the force you feel inside your bodies. You might even get to level up, especially you, Godrick. You should hurry up and refine the force you’re feeling inside your body since you have a lower level. Otherwise, you’re going to explode to death!” Jared urged.

Upon hearing Jared’s words, Flaxseed and Godrick immediately began to cultivate and refine the power within their bodies.

Jared stayed at Luminous Sect as he planned to wait for both of them to complete their cultivation before leaving for Jadeborough.

“Skyler, did you guys really enter the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace?” Archer asked.

Sensing the aura on Skyler and Jared, Archer grew green with envy.

After all, Skyler’s strength was no match for Archer when she left, but after their trip to the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace, her strength had surpassed his.

It was especially true for Jared. Archer could clearly sense the terrifying aura emanating from Jared. He feared he wouldn’t even be able to take a single blow from Jared if they were to fight.

“Of course. We saw the Spirit Connecting Tree as well…” Skyler happily recounted her experience at the ancient ruins of Narcissus


When Archer heard that Jared had defeated the Ninth Level Martial Arts God from Scorching Heaven Sect, Elgado, he was taken aback.

If that were the case, Archer knew that so much as a single breath from Jared was enough to suffocate him now.

Jared stayed at Luminous Sect for another three days, and Matthew had only rushed back from a meeting then.

Matthew didn’t seem surprised at the sight of Jared and Skyler.

“Master, we have returned from the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace, and—”

Upon seeing Matthew, Skyler eagerly tried to share her experience. However, the former waved his hand and interjected, “I already know!” He wore a grim expression and said, “You guys had a conflict with people from Flying Star Sect and Stormwind Sect. Not only that, but you also killed them all. Did Emiliano and Avery also die in your hands?”

Skyler was stumped and didn’t understand how Matthew knew it all.

Jared calmly replied, “We did have a conflict, but we didn’t kill Avery and Emiliano. They were killed by the guardian of Scorching Heaven Sect, Elgado. He absorbed their powers and ultimately killed them.”

“Scorching Heaven Sect?” Matthew frowned. “They have appeared?”

“Master, Scorching Heaven Sect has always been in Kazillion Mountains. Besides, Alchemical Sect has also been working with them this whole time. Some of the resources that we have sent to Alchemical Sect all over the years were given to Scorching Heaven Sect,” Skyler explained.

Matthew’s expression darkened further. For so many years, they had been treated like a fool by Alchemical Sect!

“How despicable of them! No wonder Isaac can’t cure my disease. So, he did it deliberately.” Matthew gritted his teeth.

“Master, how did you find out about what happened in the ancient ruins?” Skyler asked curiously.

“Now the whole hidden realm knows. Besides, Flying Star Sect and Stormwind Sect have already taken action. I’m afraid they’ll soon start hunting down Jared! You’d better leave the hidden realm and go into hiding,” Matthew said.

“Mr. Campbell, but what will happen to you and Luminous Sect if I leave?” Jared asked.

“They won’t do anything to Luminous Sect, and we’re no pushover either,” Matthew said.

Jared nodded. He knew that with his current strength, he couldn’t compete with the two major sects.

Now that Flaxseed and Godrick were done refining the forces within their bodies, it was time to leave.

After bidding goodbye to Matthew, Jared brought Flaxseed and Godrick back to Jadeborough.

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