A Man Like None Other Chapter 2244 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2244-Meanwhile, at Scorching Heaven Sect, Yona was secretly monitoring the meeting between the nine sects of the hidden realm.

He was delighted by the knowledge that the nine sects were currently on edge and open conflict could ignite at any moment.

The chaos that ensued would provide Scorching Heaven Sect the opportunity to reemerge in the world with no one to stop them.

In fact, they might be able to dominate the entire hidden realm subsequently.

Amidst Yona’s delight, the injured Elgado returned. The latter’s aura was no longer one of a Ninth Level Top Level Martial Arts God.

The fact that his strength relied on absorbing the powers of others made it unstable. After being injured, the chaos in his aura resulted in a drop in his cultivation level, leaving him at the early stage of Ninth Level.

“What happened, Elgado?” Yona asked with a frown when he saw Elgado.

“Lord Green, I have found the ruins of Narcissus Palace and the Spirit Connecting Fruit. It’s just that a young man had gotten to all the fruits before I could,” Elgado reported in a regretful tone.

“What?” Yona was stunned. “You’re a Ninth Level Martial Arts God who sucks the power of others with your Demonic Cultivation. Yet you’re no match for this man? Within the entire hidden realm, who else can give you trouble other than the old fogeys in the meeting?”

It blew Yona’s mind that someone other than the leaders of the nine sects could beat Elgado into such a miserable state.

“He’s a kid named Jared Chance who’s an outsider. A girl from Luminous Sect was with him back then,” Elgado explained to Yona.

“Jared Chance?” Yona fell in deep thought before recalling the young man who was working on alchemy together with Isaac.

“Can it be him? But he isn’t a Martial Arts God yet. It would be impossible for him to be your match.”

Yona was filled with disbelief.

“That kid elevated himself to Third Level Martial Arts God by swallowing a few Spirit Connecting Fruits. There’s no way I can defeat him now. If I hadn’t used teleportation magecraft, I’m afraid I would have already been dead!”

Just the thought of his battle with Jared was enough to send a chill down Elgado’s spine.

“I didn’t expect that kid to be so proficient in battle on top of possessing outstanding alchemy skills.”

Yona narrowed his eyes slightly. “All right now. You should recuperate from your wounds. I’ll deal with the rest.”

After nodding in acknowledgment, Elgado was about to leave when he stopped abruptly. He subsequently revealed, “Lord Green, I’ve killed Avery of Flying Star Sect and Emiliano of Stormwind Sect. I was forced to do so to increase my strength.”

Shocked by the news, Yona glared at Elgado. “You fool, are you trying to ruin Scorching Heaven Sect?”

Even though their sect had gained much power, it was still not strong enough to withstand the combined attack of all the other sects.

“Lord Green, other than Jared and the girl from Luminous Sect, no one else knows that I killed them. During my retreat, I heard that Flying Star Sect and Stormwind Sect have sent men to hunt Jared down,” Elgado continued.

“All right. I got it. You should get some rest now.”

Yona waved his hand to dismiss Elgado.

Upon the latter’s departure, Yona gathered his men immediately.

This was the first time he had heard about an outsider who was a Third Level Martial Arts God that was capable of defeating a Ninth Level Martial Arts God.

As a result, Yona had wanted to personally capture Jared and find out what it was that made the latter so special.

“If this kid turns out to be more than a mere mortal, it would be time for me to change out of this old shell of mine.”

As Yona scrutinized his old body, an insidious smile emerged across his face.

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