A Man Like None Other Chapter 2248 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2248 -Soon, another demon beast gnashed its teeth and caught up with Jared swiftly. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Jared put his fingers together, and a blinding golden light flashed past his fingertips.

He then pointed his fingers at the demon beast, and a golden beam shot out simultaneously. Instead of being dissipated in the water, it pierced through the demon beast in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, a realization dawned on Jared. Only by gathering the spiritual energy in one place can I better work against the resistance felt in the sea.

Once Jared had that wrapped around his head, he continued releasing a couple more golden beams and perforated the demon beast’s body, creating multiple bloody holes in it. Soon, with a howl, the demon beast began to fall.

Jared hurried over and landed another punch on its body. He then obtained its beast core and placed it in the Storage Ring right away.

After defeating his opponent, Jared became more confident. On the heels of that, he slowly raised his hand, gathered the martial energy at his fingertips, and launched a series of attacks at the other demon beasts charging toward him.

Jared directed his fingers at each one of them as he released his martial energy to all the beasts.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Not one part of that particular demon beast’s body was spared by the intimidating martial energy. Blood gushed out of its body, dyeing the sea crimson red.


When the other demon beasts saw that one of their own kind was killed, they growled, opened their bloody maws, and lunged at Jared fearlessly.

Despite facing a group of vicious demon beasts, Jared was not afraid but was instead excited about it.

To him, those beasts were exceptional resources for cultivation!

Right when Jared was about to strike again, he heard a deep rumbling sound in the water, similar to those produced by a drum. Ripples were also formed on the surface of the sea.

When those beasts that were initially attacking Jared heard the sound, they turned around quickly and swam in one direction, leaving Jared behind.

The latter was com pletely baffled. Could it be that these demon beasts are controlled by someone?

Jared went after the pack of demon beasts upon obtaining the beast core from the one he had just defeated.

He had no idea how long he had been swimming. Suddenly, a small island appeared before his eyes; on it was a lush forest of green trees filled with cheery sounds of chirping birds and the sweet scents of beautiful flowers.

Meanwhile, the demon beasts arrived at the island too and started circling it.

Jared ignored them. He wanted to explore the place and check if it was the fishing island mentioned by Archer. He wanted to see for himself if any monsters inhabited there.

Just when he was about to go ashore, he felt his body lighten and then raised up mid-air. Shortly after, his body fell onto the island!

At that moment, the panic-stricken Jared thought that someone was controlling his body because he did not utilize any spiritual energy to move about. In fact, he was not able to control his movements at all. Next, he was miraculously lifted from the sea!


Without any warning, Jared crashed heavily onto the ground, causing a crater to form.

As he gradually propped himself up, he realized that Flaxseed and the others were there on the same island too.

“Mr. Flaxseed, why are you here?” Jared asked in confusion.

However, Flaxseed said nothing. He just kept winking at Jared to give him a signal.

The latter looked in the direction that Flaxseed had indicated, only to notice an elderly man with a full head of white hair sitting on a big rock, fishing.

“I just wanted to catch some fish, but I caught a person instead,” remarked the old man in a slow manner with his back facing Jared and his gang.

It was then that Jared realized he was actually caught by the old man. There’s no wonder my body was beyond my control.

“Sir, may I know where this place is? We’re just passing by, and we didn’t mean to intrude your peace.” Jared took a few steps forward and explained himself to the elderly man.

Jared could not feel the slightest aura fluctuation originating from the old man. If he’s just an ordinary folk, how could he fish me out of the sea?

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