A Man Like None Other Chapter 2250 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2250 -Chapter 2250 Air Of Arrogance

Jared let out a bellow. Instantly, Dragonslayer Sword in his hand erupted with dazzling light, and the Power of Dragons circulated continuously on the blade.


He swung the sword forcefully at one of the turtles’ backs. The hard turtle shell emitted a flash of light. Then, Jared noticed Dragonslayer Sword merely left a faint while mark on the surface of the shell.


When Jared slashed Dragonslayer Sword at the turtle’s back, another demon beast lunged at Jared, attempting to bite him with its spine-chilling fangs.

Jared’s body shone with golden light as he activated Golem Body. Instantaneously, sparkling golden scales covered his entire figure.

At that moment, Jared resembled a golden dragon. When the demon beast look in his outward form, it was dazed and didn’t dare to approach him.

Seizing that period when the demon beast was stunned, he merged with Dragonslayer Sword and slashed at it.

Limitless Power of Dragons engulfed Jared, turning him into a razor-sharp blade as he slammed into that demon beast.

The incredibly sharp martial energy’ instantly pierced that demon beast, leaving a hole the size of a human on its body.

Consequently, the demon beast dropped to the ground with a loud thud before it could even shriek.

With that, Jared killed a Martial Arts God-level demon beast with one hit.

The sea turtle lugged its heavy body along and opened its mouth, spewing blazing fire at Jared.

He leaped up, avoided the flame attack, and landed on the turtle’s back. Then, he clenched his right fist, and a golden dragon entwined his arm.

“Sacred Light Fist!”

Jared punched that turtle’s back ferociously.

The sea turtle yelped in agony after getting hit by Jared’s fist. It thrashed in desperation, wanting to throw Jared off its back.

However, Jared stood steadily on its back as if he had anchored himself on the turtle’s shell. Immediately afterward, he brought down his fist again.

After thrusting three consecutive punches, the hard turtle shell finally cracked open. The turtle let out a mournful cry and died as its internal organs ruptured.

Jared hastily rushed toward rhe next demon beast without even sparing time to retrieve the beast cores.

Eyes bloodshot, Jared fought like a bloodthirsty devil. In the end, all five demon beasts were slain by Jared.

He stared at the old man’s back impassively while uttering to Flaxseed and the others, “Mr. Flaxseed, go and retrieve the beast cores. These are gifts given to us, so don’t let them go to waste.”

Flaxseed and the rest of the parry began to extract beast cores from the dead demon beasts.

Finally, rhe old man pur down the fishing rod in his hand, slowly got to his feel, and turned around to gaze al Jared.

Only then could Jared clearly see his appearance.

Although the old man had white hair, his face had no wrinkles. His skin was in optimal condition, and he looked no different from a middle-aged man in his forties.

“You’re equipped with such remarkable skills ar such a young age. No wonder you exude that air of arrogance. Unfortunately for you, I’m the only ruler across this stretch of sea. Anyone who set foot here must yield.”

With that, the old man gently waved his palm.

Abruptly, a massive force buffeted Jared and the others as if a hurricane had broken out.

Jared took a deep breath, exerting his aura to its limit, wanting to resist rhe incoming attack.

Regrettably, in the face of such overwhelming power, Jared was instantaneously sent flying backward like a piece of leaf.

Flaxseed and the others, as well as rhe carcasses of the demon beasts, were also blown away by the force.

Jared’s body crashed heavily into a massive rock. The boulder disintegrated, and Jared’s Golem Body also shattered.

He got up slowly, feeling a sharp pain in his chest. His internal organs churned, and he spar our a mouthful of black blood.

Jared looked at rhe old man, who was standing far away, in surprise. Before he could do anything else, the old man, who was initially a hundred meters away, suddenly appeared before him.

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