A Man Like None Other Chapter 2251 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2251-Jared was certain that the elderly man’s speed was not the cause of his sudden appearance. It was clear that he possessed the ability to teleport, instantly materializing in front of Jared within a fraction of a second. He believed the elderly man had demonstrated rhe teleportation magecraft and was amazed by his impeccable execution. Anxiousness crept in, causingjared to feel increasingly unsettled.

The elderly glanced at Jared before raising his hand. .Ml of a sudden, Jared lost control of his body and began floating in mid-air. He was loo powerless to retaliate!

At that moment, Jared remained perplexed about the extent of the elderly man’s power.

“What a gorgeous body. I want to taste how delicious your flesh is.” The elderly man smirked.

Jared struggled to breathe as the air grew suffocating. He struggled to break from the invisible restraints!

Yet, while he was struggling, the elderly froze for a moment, and the smirk on his face vanished. He stared straight at the Dragon Ring in Jared’s hand.

Jared glanced at his expression before turning his attention to the Dragon Ring. He was taken aback by the elderly man’s reaction. Could he be a member of Dragon Sect?

Just as Jared pondered the question, the restraints on his body suddenly released, and he landed safely on the


The elderly man prostrated before him in fear. “My Lord, I am your humble servant, Yashur Songscloud. I’m so sorry for 1 have no idea you’re here, My Lord. I’m so sorry!”

The elderly man continued to bow before Jared, his expression filled with terror and his body trembling uncontrollably.

Jared looked at the elderly man and did nor know how to react. Why is he trembling in fear? Just because I’m the overlord of Dragon Sect and possess Dragon Ring? With his capabilities, he could have easily taken me down. Why is he terrified of me?

“Do you belong to one of Dragon Sect’s regiments?” Jared tested rhe waters by asking the question.

Yashur bobbed his head in response. “Thar’s right. I’ve been waiting here for you for more than two decades, My Lord.”

“Come. Get up.” Jared told Yashur to stand. He then asked him another question, “Are you alone on this island? And are you the only member of rhe regiment?”

Jared knew Dragon Sect consisted of thirteen regiments, each with a group of men. However, he noticed Yashur was the sole member of his regiment.

“I’m the only person here on the island, My Lord, but within my regiment, 1 have a team under my command.” After speaking, Yashur made a peculiar sound with his mouth.

Jared recognized the sound immediately. He had heard it before when he was in the sea, and it was the same sound that dispersed the demon beasts that were approaching him.

As rhe sound escaped Yashur’s mouth, the sea surface churned with monstrous waves!

The demon beast, one after another, emerged from rhe sea. Some even leaped out from beneath the waves.

Jared’s jaw dropped when he saw rhe demon beasts. He asked, “A-Arc they your subordinates?”

“That’s right. Bur they’re your subordinates now, My Lord. I’ve been taming these demon beasts over the last twenty years,” Yashur explained.

Jared could not help but feel awkward. The demon beasts that he had been trying to kill were all his subordinates. So all this while I’ve been fighting against creatures in my service!

Sensing rhe embarrassment on Jared’s face, Yashur said, “All the demon beasts belong to you, My Lord. If you need them for cultivation, I can have them expel their beast cores…”

“That’s not necessary…” Jared waved his hand, dismissing his idea. Even if all these beast cores were combined, they wouldn’t significantly enhance my cultivation anyway.

Nonetheless, Jared could not help but imagine the aweinspiring spectacle that would unfold if he were to sail across the sea accompanied by these Martial Arts God level demon beasts.

“My Lord, I’ll teach you how to control these demon beasts now.” Yashur proceeded to share his knowledge with Jared.

After acquiring the technique, Jared wasted no time in testing his command. To his delight, he discovered that the demon beasts obediently followed his orders, and this filled him with excitement.

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