A Man Like None Other Chapter 2253 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2253-“We’re sorry for the intrusion, Mr. Songscloud!” Flaxseed and the rest quickly nodded and bowed.

“There’s nothing worth offering on this deserted island. Bur these demon beasts are tasty when roasted.” Yashur proceeded to prepare the meat for Jared and the others io eat.

Confused, Flaxseed walked over to Jared and asked, “What’s going on, Jared?”

Jared pretended to be clueless and responded, “What do you mean?”

“Why is he suddenly so nice to us?” Flaxseed queried.

“I don’t know. Maybe he was just impressed with my skills,” Jared teased.

Flaxseed rolled his eyes at Jared, knowing that it wasn’t the real reason.

But if Jared didn’t want to talk about it, he wasn’t going to push for an answer.

Soon enough, the meal was ready, and Jared and his companions began to eat.

Meanwhile, Tucker and his followers from Stormwind Sect had arrived ar the mountain range near rhe sea.

Joining them was Sonyx Raven, the deadliest assassin

from Flying Star Sect. He’s ranked higher than rhe elders in his own sect. It was clear that Wrcy had sent Sonyx to kill Jared.

Tucker gazed out at the vast ocean before him, his eyes narrowing slightly.

“Tucker, 1 know that Jared killed Emiliano Fairchild. Did Hugh send you to avenge his death? What if you find that you’re no match for him and end up gelling killed instead?” Sonyx sneered.

Tucker merely snorted and remained silent because he was aware that Sonyx was the secret weapon assassin of Flying Star Sect. Nobody knew his true strength, but it was certainly not inferior to his own.

Seeing Tucker’s lack of response, Sonyx decided not to provoke him further. He turned to the sea and continued, “Thar man must have taken rhe sea route. However, this area is filled with demon beasts, and there’s an old freak blocking the way. They can’t escape for sure.”

Sonyx turned to his disciples and instructed, “Cut some trees and make rafts. We’ll catch up with them.”

Soon, Flying Star Sect got into action, planning to pursue through the waterway.

Meanwhile, Tucker continued to stare out al the sea with a grave expression. He knew the peril of the sea, bur the memory’ of Emiliano’s tragic death haunted him.

Finally, he made up his mind to rake action. “Cut down the trees and make rafts,” he ordered the disciples of

Storm wind Sect.

Tucker was determined to set sail and hunt for Jared to avenge his son.

As rhe disciples of rhe two sects embarked on their sea pursuit, a group from Scorching Heaven Sect arrived at the scene. From a distance, Yona gazed at Tucker and Sonyx, and a smirk spread across his face.

“Chasing after him on the sea? What fools. Even if they manage to avoid rhe demon beasts, they’ll never be able to defeat Jared. Elgado, a top-level Martial Arts God, couldn’t even match his strength. How could these two possibly stand a chance against him?” Yona knew Jared’s true power well, as Elgado had personally spoken about it to him.

However, Flying Star Sect and Stormwind Sect were still clueless about Jared’s powers. They thought he was only al rhe beginner phase of Martial Arts God.

“Lord Green, what should we do? Should we also go after them?” a disciple from Scorching Heaven Sect asked.

“Anyone who dares set foot in this sea is courting death. Let’s turn back. Jared won’t survive because no one can escape from this place.”

Yona gestured for his men to depart, convinced that Jared’s demise was inevitable.

Yona did not dare to claim that he could survive in this sea area with his current cultivation. Hence, if he couldn’t make it, Jared had no chance either.

One of rhe disciples inquired with curiosity, “Lord Green, is it true that there arc demon beasts in the sea? Arc they actually so dangerous that everyone from the hidden realm fears them?”

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