A Man Like None Other Chapter 2256 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2256 -Chapter 2256 Defeated With A Single Blow

Despite Tucker’s high cultivation level, Jared felt no fear whatsoever when dealing with his attacks.

Having defeated Elgado, a Top Level Ninth Level Martial Arts God from Scorching Heaven Sect, Jared was confident that he could easily defeat Tucker, who had just become a Ninth Level Martial Arts God.

With a slight twist of his body, Jared was able to dodge Tucker’s incoming blade.

Tucker froze in shock as he didn’t expect Jared to dodge his attack so effortlessly.

“Ten Thousand Swords Slash!’’ Tucker yelled.

Countless energy blades came out of the sword in his hand and headed straight for Jared.

Jared adjusted his aura and snapped his fingers, firing bursts of martial energy-’ at the energy blades.


A deafening explosion rang out and shook the space around it, forming huge waves on the ocean surface.

Jared didn’t even need Dragonslayer Sword to fight Tucker. Instead, he was able to deal with Tucker using only his bare fists.

The look on Tucker s face grew solemn as he narrowed his eyes and glared at Jared.

Sonyx, who had been fighting a demon beast, was just as shocked when he saw Jared fight Tucker with his bare hands.

“You dare come after me for revenge when you’re that weak?” Jared asked with a sneer and gently grabbed at the ocean surface with his right hand.

A pillar of water rose and turned into a spear within Jared’s hand. Tucker could even sec a stream of air surging around the tip of the spear.

As Jared hurled the spear at Tucker, the momentum generated so much force that it created a gigantic whirlpool around them.

Tucker’s face clouded over when he saw that. He did not expect a Third Level Martial Arts God like Jared to have such a powerful aura.

With his teeth tightly clenched, Tucker slashed al the incoming spear and shattered it on the spot.

Huh… As terrifying as Jared’s aura may be, his attacks aren ‘t as powerful as they seem!

Right as Tucker was about to mouth off gleefully, however, the shattered spear rebuilt itself and continued flying toward him.

Realizing that he would not have time to dodge the incoming attack, Tucker could only block it with his sword.


The impact sent Tucker flying in an instant and left a dent in his sword.

Ripples formed on rhe ocean surface as Tucker flew a few hundred meters backward before coming to a halt.

His aura depleted rapidly as he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The martial artists of Stormwind Sect began to panic when they saw that. If Tucker is no match for Jared, then there’s no way we ‘d stand a chance against him!

Sonyx’s eyes went wide with shock and disbelief.

What ? Jared wounded Tucker severely with just one blow? That huge difference in power is definitely not something I can handle! There ‘s no way Jared is only a Third Level Martial Arts God! He has got to be at least a Martial Arts Sovereign!

Their assumption of Jared being a Third Level Martial Arts God was what led to him wiping rhe floor with them.

Sonyx felt glad that he had decided to observe the situation before attacking Jared. Otherwise, a mere Top Level Ninth Level Martial .Arts God like himself would never stand a chance against Jared.

“Let’s go!”

Sonyx shouted as he ordered his men to retreat.

The guys from Stormwind Sect wanted to leave too, but they were locked in combat with the demon beasts.

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