A Man Like None Other Chapter 2261 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2261 -“Dad…” Garthor was stunned when he saw how insane-looking Hugh was.

The moment Hugh spotted Garthor, he withdrew his aura and said, “Garthor, I want you to bring people with you to capture and kill anyone with close ties to Tucker.”

Upon detecting his father’s rage, Garthor nodded instead of asking any more questions. “Roger!”

Then, Hugh slowly levitated into the air as he watched Stormwind Sect descend into carnage.

Meanwhile, Jared and the others had returned to Jadeborough.

Everyone was overjoyed to see how Flaxseed and Godrick had recovered.

The first thing Flaxseed did after returning was drag Jessica into a room. It wasn’t difficult for anyone to guess what they did next.

“Mr. Gunderson visited us a few times when you were away, Jared. It seems like he has something urgent to speak to you about,” informed Cecilia.

During the period Jared was gone, Cecilia took care of Deragon Sect pretty well.

“I know. Thanks for your hard work.” Jared peered at her, somewhat feeling bad. Cecilia came all the way here to look for me, yet I barely spend any time with her! I’m sincerely touched by her efforts. She helped me tend Deragon Sect, yet she never complained about it.

“It wasn’t hard at all when I think about the fact that I’m doing this for you.” Cecilia smiled.

A complicated expression settled on Jared’s countenance as he apologized, “You should know that I’ll be marrying Josephine in the future. So, if you continue to be with me, you may not have an official status as my spouse.” If only I could change the monogamous ideals that modern society upholds. Otherwise, I could’ve married them both.

“I don’t mind as long as you still love me.” Gently, Cecilia leaned on Jared’s shoulder.

In response, he silently held her waist and stared at the blue sky.

Jared only stayed in Deragon Sect briefly before heading to Divine Quest Sect to check out how Josephine and Renee were doing.

Upon entering the secret realm, Jared was shocked by the scene.

It was because he saw two more women in addition to Josephine and the other two.

One of the newcomers was the woman Jared saved from Evil Heart Sect.

When the woman saw Jared, she was equally shocked.

Without delay, Josephine bolted toward Jared joyously. “Jared!”

“What’s the deal with them, Josephine?” Jared pointed at the two newcomers.

“Both of them were captured here as well. This one’s called Calanthe. She’s incredible and possesses a special physique. She can control—”

Jared interrupted, “I know. She has an earthly constituent, granting her the ability to control the earth.”
His words stunned Josephine momentarily before she asked in disbelief, “You’re amazing, Jared! How did you figure it out just by looking at her?”
“He’s not that awesome. We’ve already met before, you see,” clarified Calanthe.
“What? You two know each other?” Josephine was even more dumbfounded.
“I didn’t expect the boyfriend you constantly bring up to be him, Josephine! He saved my life once!” After Calanthe ended her sentence, she recounted the story of being pursued by Black Gold Robe and how Jared saved her.
Back then, she was afraid and didn’t know what Jared’s name was. Meanwhile, Jared didn’t learn her name as well.
When Josephine heard that, realization dawned upon her. “What a coincidence!”
Then she introduced the other newcomer, who also had a unique physique.
Puzzled, Jared wondered why Evil Heart Sect captured so many people with extraordinary physiques. I know they’re up to no good by doing this, but I don’t know what exactly they’re planning, so I’ve no idea how to stop them! However, I need to attend the Secret Realm Conference before making my next move.
After he chatted with the women for a while, he left.

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