A Man Like None Other Chapter 2262 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2262-Right after Jared left the secret realm, he visited the Gunderson residence. I bet Chester has already gotten all anxious while waiting for me.

Indeed, when Fernando saw him, the former immediately approached him. “You’re finally back, Mr. Chance! Great Elder was really worried!”

“Aren’t there a few days left until the Secret Realm Conference, Mr. Gunderson? Why are you so anxious?” inquired Jared, slightly astounded.

“Because only a limited number of people is allowed to attend the Secret Realm Conference! Within Gate of Fire, a few sects disagree with Great Elder’s decision to take you there,” explained Fernando.

“Oh, I see. In that case, let’s go!” Jared nodded.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance to the secret realm and entered Gate of Fire.

Upon noticing Jared’s arrival, Chester and Wayne greeted him in unison.

“Please sit, Mr. Chance.” Chester even personally pulled a chair for Jared.

A middle-aged man sitting at the side was confounded by Chester’s attitude toward Jared.

He joked, “You’re the Great Elder of the Gunderson family, so why are you treating an insignificant figure from the mundane world so politely? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you treat me that nicely before.”.

“You visit my home eight hundred times every year, Ekko. No matter how hard I try, I can never chase you away. You should be grateful that I don’t beat you. Yet, you still have the gall to ask me to treat you politely.” Chester glared at him.

“It’s because the food prepared here is too delicious!” Ekko Valentine laughed.

As Jared studied Ekko, Chester explained, “Mr. Chance, this is a rogue cultivator called Ekko Valentine. He lives in the secret realm all alone and often mingles with various prestigious families.”

Meanwhile, Ekko turned to Jared. “I can tell the brat’s capable, considering he managed to reach the level of Spirit Replicator in the mundane world. It seems you’re the young Martial Arts God from the mundane world. I bet you would’ve been unbeatable in the mundane world if not for those in the hidden realm.”

His words shocked Jared. “You know about the hidden realm?”

“Of course! We may be from the secret realm, thus unable to stay for long in the mundane world, but it doesn’t mean we can’t leave this realm at all. For example, I frequented Crafting Clan and even bought several magical items from them,” explained Ekko.

Upon hearing that, Jared smiled without saying anything. Crafting Clan no longer exists in the mundane world!

It was then he felt a weak spiritual sense advancing toward him.

When they arrived at the Gunderson residence, Jared saw a few people sitting in the living room, including Chester and the leader of The Adamantine, Wayne.

The spiritual sense was so faint that he couldn’t have detected it without paying close attention.

He snapped his sight toward the origin of the spiritual sense and saw an old man fixated his gaze on him without blinking. Additionally, he saw a young man standing behind the old man.

When the old man noticed Jared’s line of sight, he turned away, and the faint spiritual sense vanished.

“Is this the person you’re planning to take to the Secret Realm Conference, Chester?” the old man asked.

Based on his tone, it seemed he didn’t respect Chester.

“Indeed he is.” Chester nodded before introducing the old man to Jared. “Mr. Chance, this is Zahrin Sect’s leader, Lamar Macall. Behind him is his son, Kayden.”

Upon ending his sentence, he communicated with Jared through telepathy. “Mr. Chance, Zahrin Sect has absorbed over a dozen sects in Gate of Fire. Currently, it’s the largest sect here. He’s the one obstructing you from attending the Secret Realm Conference.”

Right as Chester finished his sentence, Lamar sneered, “You’re not a young man anymore, Chester. You can speak your mind. There’s no need for you to do so in a discreet manner.”

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