A Man Like None Other Chapter 2263 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2263-Upon hearing that, Chester smiled awkwardly. “You’ve gotten more powerful, Lamar. Even my telepathy can’t escape your notice anymore.”

“I’m glad you know that! So, take my advice, Chester. Join me as soon as you can. When all of Gate of Fire is united, no other secret realms will dare to face us anymore.” Lamar cackled.

“Keep dreaming, Lamar. There’s no way we’ll become your subordinates,” scoffed Wayne.

In response, Lamar just grinned as everyone settled into their seats.

Evangeline served a cup of coffee to Jared. “Enjoy the coffee, Mr. Chance.”

“Thank you, Ms. Gunderson. Are you feeling better now?” inquired Jared caringly.

“I am!” She nodded.

The moment Evangeline appeared, Kayden fixed his gaze on her with a noticeable glint in his eyes.

“There’s one more thing you should mention, Dad. Did you forget about it?” he whispered into Lamar’s ear.

“I didn’t,” replied Lamar before turning to Chester. “Now that your beautiful daughter has regained her sanity, perhaps we can discuss a union between her and my son. When that happens, all of Gate of Fire will be ours!”

“No. I don’t like your son,” spat Evangeline with disgust before Chester could utter a word.

“What did you say, Evangeline? What about me isn’t good enough for you?” Kayden questioned furiously.

“I just don’t like you!” Upon ending her sentence, Evangeline returned to her room.

A scowl was set on Kayden’s face as a vicious look swirled in his eyes.

“I don’t think we should get involved in our children’s matter, Lamar. Nowadays, it’s all about the freedom to choose one’s life partner,” said Chester.

Instead of continuing that topic, Lamar stated his perspective on the original discussion. “You know the secret realm’s rule, Chester. Jared is someone from the mundane world. There’s no way he can join the Secret Realm Conference. Besides, each spot in the conference is very valuable to Gate of Fire. If someone as unimpressive as Jared attends the conference, not only will he embarrass Gate of Fire, but we’ll also fail to seize any resources! Gate of Fire doesn’t belong only to the Gunderson family. We need to consider the good of everyone in the secret realm!”

“Mr. Chance is part of the Gunderson family, so why can’t he join the Secret Realm Conference? Besides, he’s taking my family’s spot. You, as an outsider, don’t have the right to sway my decision,” remarked Chester, somewhat incensed.

“You may be correct, but Jared’s only a Third Level Spirit Replicator. Can he face an opponent in the arena? He may call himself the strongest in the mundane world, but in the secret realm, his power is insignificant!” Lamar spat coldly.

“I’m only bringing Mr. Chance there to let him see how things are like in the conference. I’m not planning to let him enter the arena, so there’s no point in making a fuss about his strength!”

“In that case, I object to his participation even further! You should know the arena in the Secret Realm Conference belongs to the youngsters. If Jared, a youngster himself, never joins the arena, he’ll embarrass us in front of the other secret realms!”

“You’re overstepping your boundary, Lamar. Zahrin Sect may be the most powerful entity in Gate of Fire right now, but you still aren’t its master. You don’t have the right to order others around,” Ekko commented disdainfully.

He could not stand Lamar.

“You’re just a rogue cultivator, Ekko. You don’t have the right to speak on this matter. If you don’t stay in line, I’ll kick you out of Gate of Fire!” Enraged, Lamar glared at Ekko.

Ekko also exploded in anger and roared, “You’re too arrogant! So what if I don’t stay in line? What are you going to do, huh?”

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