A Man Like None Other Chapter 2264 by desire novel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2264-Seeing that two men were about to start a fight, Wayne swiftly stood and offered a compromise. “All right, that’s enough. Since none of you can agree on the matter, let’s continue the discussion. Right now, Mr. Chance has the strength of a Third Level Spirit Replicator, so he has the right to enter the arena. However, we shouldn’t expect too much from him. He just needs to win three rounds. After all, the ultimate victor depends on how many times a secret realm wins. If Mr. Chance can win three rounds, then it’s very likely we can reach the top three.” There’s still only a limited number of spots in the conference, after all. If Jared attends it but doesn’t fight in the arena, it’ll be a loss to Gate of Fire.

Lamar nodded. “Okay. Then we’ll do as Mr. Gingerich suggests. However, if Jared fails to win three rounds, the Gunderson family has to compensate us for our loss of resources!”

Chester didn’t have the nerve to make a decision lightly, so he turned to Jared. The latter nodded.

In response, Chester agreed, “All right. It’s decided then.”

With that, Lamar left with his son.

Ekko did, too, leaving Wayne and Chester behind to keep Jared company.

“What are the rules for the Secret Realm Conference like, Mr. Gingerich? Also, what level of power should I expect from the other contestants participating in the arena?” asked Jared. While my strength has soared at a meteoric rate, I still don’t have a clue about the secret realm, so I don’t know how mighty my opponents may be. Since I’ve agreed to the condition, it’ll be embarrassing if I lose, so I want to learn about the upcoming challenge as much as possible.
“I’ll ask my disciple to answer your questions, Mr. Chance. While he isn’t powerful, he still knows plenty about the various secret realms.” Wayne touched the air, causing a golden light to flash by.
Upon witnessing that, Jared thought, What an interesting method of communication. I’m intrigued, though I’m pretty sure this is just something akin to magecraft.
Moments later, a skinny, one-hundred-and-fifty-centimeters-tall man entered the room and stood before Wayne. “What’s the matter, Master?”
“Monkey, this is Mr. Chance. He’s from the mundane world, so he doesn’t know much about the secret realms. Please answer any questions that he has in detail. Also, remember to treat him politely and give him a tour around the place,” ordered Wayne.
When Jared heard how ridiculous the name of Wayne’s disciple was, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
Nevertheless, Monkey didn’t mind. He glanced at Jared with shock because he didn’t understand why his master showed so much respect to a youngster from the mundane world.
Still, he stifled his curiosity and greeted Jared. “Hello. My name is Zain Holland, but people like to call me Monkey.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Jared Chance.” Jared smiled.
Zain’s friendly attitude left a good impression on Jared.

“I’ll give you a tour around Gate of Fire and a rundown of the place,” uttered Zain politely.
Jared nodded. Upon bidding Chester and Wayne goodbye, he followed Zain out of the building.
Just as the two of them arrived at the entrance, Evangeline stopped them and said, “I’ll join you two, Monkey!”
She seemed to be familiar with Zain.
“It’s just a desert outside, Ms. Gunderson. It’s not like you’ve never seen it before. I think it’s better if you stay in the house,” replied Zain.
“Well, it’s because I want to see how knowledgeable you are, considering many say you know everything about the secret realms.” Evangeline grinned.
In response, Zain had no choice but to bring her along.

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