Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1488 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1488

Everyone present knew Josh and Jasmine’s wedding date had been set. The wedding will be held at the end of this month, so they all teased Josh.

Josh openly accepted everyone’s banters and blessings.

“Except for Zachary, everyone here is a bachelor.”

Josh filled his glass with wine and said to everyone with a smile, “Here’s a toast to all you bachelors. From today onward, I’m officially out of your ranks. You don’t need to invite me to any bachelor activity from now on. Enjoy getting high among yourselves.”

Remy remarked with a smile, “I envy you, Mr. Bucham.”

On the other hand, Duncan noted, “From today onward, Josh will be henpecked like Zachary.”

Zachary responded in a deep voice, “I can be henpecked, but you don’t have the chance to even if you want to.”

Duncan replied to him, “Zachary… that’s hurtful. Serenity, you need to control him.”

Serenity took some food for her nephew. Sonny had eaten dinner and did not want to eat again, but there were some sides that he liked to eat, so he helped himself to them.

“Zachary didn’t say anything wrong, so I don’t need to control him.”

“Look, this is what a married couple is like. Your hearts are connected.” Duncan laughed and added, “You’re the most envied couple among our buddies.”

Kevin suggested, “Duncan, if you’re envious, hurry up and find a girlfriend so we can envy you. Didn’t you chat happily with Harmon Corporation’s vice president at the Marshall’s party? I saw you dancing to a song, and you look well-matched.”

Duncan immediately looked at Serenity, afraid that she would tell Liberty about it. Nonetheless, Serenity was also present that night and saw everything. She would have told Liberty long ago if she wanted to.

As such, he replied to Kevin calmly and honestly, “That’s my mom’s chosen candidate, not someone I like. I already have a crush on someone. If I successfully pursue her and am lucky enough to marry her, I’ll definitely treat you to a big meal as Josh did.”

Apart from the two married couples, the bachelors did not know Duncan liked Liberty.

Remy was gossipy and asked out of curiosity, “Mr. Lewis, you have a crush on someone? I don’t think I’ve heard that you’re pursuing someone.”

Kevin laughed and said, “Remy, you underestimate Duncan. If he likes someone, he won’t pursue her and will directly go to City Hall to get their marriage license.”

“F*ck you. Do I look like an uncultured man?”

Duncan jokingly punched Kevin.

Everyone was teasing each other. Only Julian was silently eating and drinking.

He did not interrupt their conversation.

This was because he could not join in and was not interested in the topic.

He only showed up because his cousin was no longer a bachelor and invited him to a celebratory dinner.

“Jasmine, have some fish. I removed the skin for you.”

When Josh noticed that Julian was only focusing on eating and drinking without saying anything, he began to display his affection for Jasmine.

Despite that, Josh was also usually very considerate of Jasmine whenever they ate.

He removed the fish skin for Jasmine because she did not like it.

As for Zachary, he wore disposable gloves and peeled shrimps for Serenity and Sonny.

Serenity liked to eat shrimp. No matter who invited her and Zachary to dinner, they would have to order shrimp. It was also a way to let Zachary show how he spoiled his wife.


Josh took some more food for Jasmine and called out to Julian.

Julian looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Julian, why aren’t you saying anything? Everyone is chatting happily.”

The others laughed and commented, “Julian, you’re the king of bachelors.”

Julian chuckled and said, “I’m not like you guys; I’m not a normal person.”

Everyone else was speechless.

Serenity and Jasmine were gossipy and pricked their ears.

They had heard many stories, but they wanted to know about Julian the most.

Sadly, whatever they heard about Julian was what he wanted to be known, which came directly from him behind the scenes. It was difficult for them to learn about him themselves.

When Serenity and Jasmine heard Julian say that he was abnormal, they became extremely curious.

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