Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1489 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1489

Josh asked with concern, “Julian, why are you not a normal person?”

Julian pursed his lips and answered, “I’m quite close to all of you, and Jasmine and Serenity are. experienced in relationships, so I’m not afraid of being laughed at by you. I don’t react to women.

Everyone was lost for words.

Serenity and Jasmine were best friends indeed. The shrimps they picked up fell back into their plate at the same time.

“Julian, y-you’re making an excuse, right? We won’t rush you to get married, so you don’t need to tell us that and scare me.”

Josh thought of his uncle’s hopeful gaze and his aunt’s expectant look. He felt that he had asked something he should not have.

His cousin’s words were shocking.

It scared him.

“Julian, what about men…?” Remy asked probingly.

He and Julian were sitting next to each other.

Remy had moved his hips discreetly. He was ready to switch seats if Julian said that he was into men.

However, who was Julian? Remy’s petty action could not escape his eyes.

Julian tugged at Remy’s arm in amusement. Remy almost bounced up.

“Remy, you don’t need to be so shocked. I’m not interested in men either. I just have an illness. I’ve seen a psychiatrist and also a famous specialist for male diseases. They all said my situation is difficult to handle.”

“Julian, don’t scare me.”

“Josh, am I the kind of person who lies? What I said is true. I won’t joke about my health.”

Julian looked grave.

Serenity put down her utensils and asked tentatively, “Julian, is what you have the hypoactive sexual desire disorder?”

Julian looked at Serenity and asked her in return, “You’ve heard of it?”

“I’ve read about it in books. It’s indeed hard to treat the illness, and it depends on your mental health as well. You’ll live an ordinary life if you can meet someone who can change you, or you’ll really end up alone.”

The others were speechless.

Julian nodded. “That’s what my doctor told me. So, Josh, go back and tell my dad that you don’t need to keep an eye on me anymore and that they should stop being hopeful. I don’t know who can save me.”

“Julian, that must be an excuse.”

After hearing what Julian said, everyone thought the same as Josh.

The other bachelors cursed inwardly at the same time, ‘Julian is really going all-out so that he won’t be rushed into marriage.

‘He’s willing to claim that he has a disease and doesn’t mind losing face.’

Nevertheless, they could not learn from Julian’s ruthlessness.

No wonder Julian could control many of their secrets, whereas no one knew his secrets unless he revealed them himself.

Moreover, they could not prove whether the secrets he revealed were truly secrets.

In any case, Julian was tall and handsome. He went to the gym and was in pink of health. How could he be ill and have hypoactive sexual desire disorder? The others who had not read miscellaneous books had not heard of the disease.

Jasmine asked her best friend after some thought, “Is it the same disease the male lead from the romance novel I read has?”

“I read about it in a reading club, not in a novel. You know I’m not into novels.”

When Jasmine and Serenity were in the bookstore, the former read novels while the latter knitted crafts. Serenity would occasionally read books during her free time. She liked to read popular books or history books. Only when she had no choice would she read novels that were famous among men.

Serenity would not read the kind of modern romance novels that Jasmine read every day.

Josh thought that his cousin really seemed to be uninterested in women. Could it be that Julian had hypoactive sexual desire disorder indeed and was not making an excuse?

Nobody present could confirm whether Julian told the truth or not, but Walter could.

As long as Josh told his uncle about this, his uncle would confirm it.

Josh decided to return to Bucham Manor tonight to tell his uncle about this. If his cousin was truly ill… There was nothing he could do about it.

Julian’s doctor said that it would be difficult for him to be treated. Since Josh did not study medicine, what could he do to help?

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