Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1491 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1491

Zachary looked at his younger cousin.

Callum immediately pretended as if nothing happened and ate his food.

However, his mind was not focused on the food.

He originally wanted to go directly to the Newmans’ residence, but he had no choice but to come here since Josh had invited him. Thus, he did not go to the Newman residence but came to his family’s hotel first.

Serenity saw Callum’s reaction and figured out what was going on. She turned her head to look at Zachary.

Zachary asked her gently, “Are you full, honey?”

Serenity hummed.

He fed her until she was full.

“Stop glaring at Callum.”

Serenity whispered while taking out her phone. When she called Camryn’s number, what answered her was a mechanical voice saying, “The number you’ve dialed is unavailable.”

Camryn’s phone was turned off.

Since she could not see, she did not have messaging apps. It would be hard to contact her if she did not pick up her calls.

“Her phone is turned off. Go to her place tomorrow to have a look. I’ll drop by her shop tomorrow morning and put in a word for you while buying some flowers for Liberty.

Callum regarded Serenity as the only person who could help him, so Serenity had no choice but to give him a hand.

“Thank you, Serenity,” Callum hurriedly uttered.

He still wanted to go to the Newmans’ residence later.

However, Camryn was not at home. After Callum forced a kiss on her and her assistant returned to the store, she left Spring Blossoms.

Then, she called Dalton and told him she was waiting for him at the roadside about a hundred meters from the store and asked him to come and pick her up.

After Dalton fetched her from the roadside, she asked him to send her to a seaside villa in Wiltspoon. Camryn had a villa by the sea, but it was not registered under her name; it was under Dalton’s name.

That way, it would not raise any eyebrows.

Camryn liked the sea.

Before she became blind, she would often hail a cab to the seaside alone when she was wronged and bullied at home. She would sit on the beach by the shore, quietly looking at the sea and enjoying the breeze.

She thought about her father.

After her father’s death, her mother burned all of her father’s photos. All the valuables left behind by him were sold by her mother, and all the worthless ones were thrown away.

If Camryn wanted to know what her father looked like, she had to look at the album kept by her youngest aunt or see his photo on his grave when she went to the cemetery to visit her

grandparents’ graves every year.

Her father’s grave was far from her grandparents’.

Her youngest aunt told her that her grandparents liked her father the most. Back then, her youngest aunt had suggested that he be buried next to her grandparents’ graves so that he could be reunited with his parents in the afterlife.

However, her uncle strongly disagreed and insisted on burying her father far away from her grandparents. He also bought the two empty burial pits next to her grandparents with the intention of having his wife and himself buried next to his parents when they died.

Camryn did not understand what it meant when she was young.

After growing up, she understood.

Her uncle was jealous of her father, so he did not want her father’s grave to be too close to her grandparents after his death.

In the sea-view villa, Camryn was accompanied by Dalton and held an afternoon video conference with the senior management of Newman Enterprise, telling them that her family had undergone great changes after her mother and sister were arrested.

Her uncle was also implicated and was temporarily being held by the police for investigation.

Of course, she did not tell them that she was the one who reported on her uncle.

At first, her uncle was just taken in for questioning, but he was detained not long after.

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