Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1494 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1494

Camryn fell silent.

Dalton said everything that he should say. When he saw her remain silent, he knew that it was because she felt inferior.

If it were other men, perhaps Camryn would not feel unworthy just because she was blind. However, it was the second son of the York family they were talking about. The Yorks were the richest family in Wiltspoon, while all of the Newman family’s assets barely broke a billion dollars.

Furthermore, some of their assets might be seized. The lawful businesses that they were able to keep in the end might only amount to a few hundred million in assets.

It was not comparable to the hundreds of billions that the York family had.

Due to her own problems, Camryn developed a sense of inferiority and felt unworthy of Callum.

The two finished their meal and took a short rest, then Dalton drove his car and sent Camryn back to the city.

When he arrived in the city with Camryn, Callum and the others left the hotel.

Callum had a few drinks and did not drive. He borrowed a bodyguard from Zachary to drive his car and went straight to the Newman villa after leaving the hotel.

He had a villa there anyway, so he could return to his villa to rest after going to the Newman family’s villa to find Camryn.

If she was not at home, he would go to her flower store.

Wiltspoon was large, but those were the only two places she could go.

He did not believe that he would not be able to find her tonight.

Serenity carried the drowsy Sonny and said to Zachary, “Babe, call Mrs. Lane and tell Liberty that I’ll take Sonny back today. I’ll have Jim send Sonny to class tomorrow morning.”

Liberty should be resting at this time.

Zachary hummed and took out his phone to call Mrs. Lane, asking her to relay to Liberty not to worry and that they would bring Sonny home with them to rest today.

Mrs. Lane said, “Ms. Hunt has already gone to bed. She waited until nine o’clock but didn’t see you bring Sonny back, so she guessed that you would bring him home with you.”

“Okay. You rest early too.”

Zachary hung up the phone and took Sonny from Serenity.

Sonny opened his eyes, saw that it was his Uncle Zack, and called out to him softly before closing his eyes again. He leaned on Zachary’s chest and fell asleep.

Zachary’s heart melted at the child’s soft voice.

He really, really wanted a child too.

A child with Serenity..

Their baby would surely be as cute as Sonny.

Zachary’s heart looked forward to having a child, but he did not dare voice out for fear of putting pressure on Serenity. She was already worried that she was infertile since she was unable to get pregnant even after half a year into their marriage.

If he said that he wanted a child, Serenity would overthink again and ask him to go to the hospital together with him for another checkup..

Zachary sighed in his heart.

He told himself, ‘Don’t rush, don’t rush.

‘We’ll definitely have a child of our own.

‘The psychic said that we’re destined to have a son and daughter.

‘He also said that it’ll only happen during fall.’

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