Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1495 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1495

After getting into the car, Serenity asked her husband, “Are you really going to introduce that psychic to Mr. Bucham?”

Zachary adjusted Sonny’s position so that the boy could sleep more comfortably.

“Of course. Nana might be asleep now, so I’ll ask her for his contact tomorrow and pass it on to the head of the Bucham family, Walter. Then, he can ask the psychic to read Julian’s fortune.

That way, Julian could not run away.

If they gave the contact information to Julian, he might just throw it away.

“Do you think Mr. Bucham is telling the truth? Does he really have a condition?”

Zachary thought about it and said, “It might be true, but it might also be an excuse. The only one who can prove it is the head of the Bucham family.”

He believed that Walter had already received the news.

There was nowhere for Julian to run.

Like Zachary, Julian was a very powerful person. However, no matter how amazing he was, Walter was more powerful. Julian was no match for his father.

If the psychic also divined that there was no wife in Julian’s life, then the Bucham family would give up.

Ring ring ring…

Zachary had just finished speaking when he received a call from Julian.

He answered the call.

“Zachary, I’ve helped you out a lot before. You have to help me this time.”

Julian did not beat around the bush. “Give me the contact details of that psychic your nana trusts. I’ll go meet him first. Also, I really do have a condition.”

He was genuinely unresponsive to women.

Of course, he was unresponsive to men too.

However, he was healthy both physically and mentally.

He just had no response to that kind of thing.

The doctor said that if he met the person right for him, he would be able to become a true man. Otherwise, he would have to live like a priest for the rest of his life.

Julian did not mind.

He graciously announced his condition tonight because he wanted to shut Josh’s mouth. If word of it spread to his parents’ ears, they might finally stop pushing him to marry. He would gain some peace and quiet.

However, Zachary’s words made him worried. He was worried that the psychic was actually good and divined that he had a partner in his future. If that happened, his parents would definitely drive him out of the house so he could pursue his destined person.

How would he know who his destined one was?

He could not hug every woman he saw just to see if he reacted to them, right?

People would think he was a pervert.

Zachary said apologetically, “I haven’t asked for the psychic’s contact information.”

He did not believe in such superstition in the first place.

He simply cooperated with his nana out of respect for her.

“I’ll need to ask Nana for his contact, but she should be asleep by now, so I can’t disturb her. I’ll help you ask her tomorrow.”

Julian paused before saying, “You didn’t bother asking for the number of such a powerful psychic?”

“I don’t believe in such things.”

“Why did you bring it up if you don’t believe in it? It’ll be too late even if you ask your nana for the contact information tomorrow. My dad acts faster than I do.”

Zachary laughed. “Then there’s nothing I can do to help.”

“Zachary, I have a feeling that you’re trying to set me up. I just don’t have proof.”

Zachary laughed again. “How could I try to set you up, Mr. Bucham? I just want the people around me to be happy and blessed like me.”

“You mean you want us to be as henpecked as you.” Julian spat at him.

Zachary turned his head to look at his beloved wife beside him and said, “I think my life now is pretty good. I hope that Seren and I can go on like this forever.”

Even when their hair turned gray far into the future, their relationship would still be as good as it was now-just like his grandparents’.

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