I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2108

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2108-If David could improve his strength, it would be best if he could reach Pre-Deity Rank.

That way, the possibility of Star Kingdom surviving the crisis would greatly increase.

“Master David, since you said this, I would seem disrespectful if I keep refusing. Don’t worry and go to retreat! With me here in Star Kingdom, I won’t let you down,” Sid solemnly promised.

“Alright, Lord Sid, I believe in you!” David smiled.

He knew that whether Star Kingdom could survive the crisis brought about by the Feather family all depended on whether he could improve his strength or not.

All other preparations were useless.

A Pre-Deity from the Feather family could annihilate Star Kingdom. If no one could deal with this top combat power, it would be useless no matter how well-prepared they were.

Of course, David would not dampen Sid’s enthusiasm.

It would be of great benefit to the future development of Star Kingdom if he could take advantage of this opportunity and unite Star Kingdom.

The two reached an agreement.

Then, David looked at Zenon and the others again.

“You guys should cooperate well with Lord Sid from now on, understand? If I find anyone playing tricks behind my back, then don’t blame me for not being sympathetic when it’s time to settle scores.”novel.xo

David’s words had put a halt to Zenon and others’ plans to escape Star Kingdom with their family members.

The means of partial Pre-Deity were beyond the comprehension and imagination of a Sacred Saint.

Just like how David could not fathom the power of a real Pre -Deity now.

If Zenon and the others chose to escape at this time, it would be a blatant betrayal of Star Kingdom.

If David found them while they were mid-escape, he might even wipe them all out in a fit of anger.

If that happened, they would be wiped out before the Feather family arrived three hundred years later.

That would be so sad.

None of the five dared to gamble this.

“Yes, yes! Don’t worry, Master David! We will fully cooperate with Lord Sid and we will not dare to have second thoughts.” York was the first to step forward and say.

“Master David, we are all members of Star Kingdom. If Star Kingdom is in trouble, we will busy ourselves helping Lord Sid. How could we play any dirty tricks? Wouldn’t we be sinners of Star Kingdom if we do that?” Vaughn echoed.

The remaining three also expressed their opinions one after another.

They would definitely cooperate with Sid to make preparations.

“That’s good! I hope you can keep your promise. Star Kingdom is our home. We will share our joys together, but if Star Kingdom is in trouble, don’t think about abandoning us, otherwise… Hmph!”

“Please rest assured, Master David! We will do our best to cooperate with Lord Sid to protect our homeland.”

“Okay, you may leave now,” David asked them to leave.

“Goodbye, Master David!”

After saying that, the five left quickly.

They did not want to be here anymore.

There was too much pressure facing a partial Pre-Deity like David, especially for Zenon who had beef with David.

It was a torment for him to be in front of David.

He was afraid that David would slap him to death if he was upset.

David could even kill the partial Pre-Deity Azul from a level 9 civilization.

Thus, if David used a little of his Divine Power, he would be able to kill Zenon and his measly strength with just one move.

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