I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2111

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2111-After saying goodbye to Nova and Lorraine, David left the Iridescent Continent.

He was going back to the Central Sacred Continent, where Celia and the others lived.

After he briefly told everyone what happened in the Iridescent Sect, David concealed the fact that Azul was from level 9 civilization and the possibility of the Feather family coming three hundred years later in order not to worry everyone.

He only said that Azul and Eira and her sisters were not from Star Kingdom.

His statement caused everyone to scream.

They were all disciples of the Iridescent Sect, but it turned out that the four reputable elders were not even from Star Kingdom.

It turned out that the Saints cultivated by the sect over the years were all sacrificed to the reputable elders’ master.

It turned out that they wanted to cultivate Celeste to be the last sacrifice after she became a Saint.

How horrible.

The reputable elders were so evil.

Everyone felt pity for the sect seniors who were sacrificed. Their seniors fought wholeheartedly for the sect, but in the end, this was how they ended up.

Celeste had a complicated look on her face after she heard that Eira and her sisters were people from an alien civilization and were now dead.

She grew up with four of them, so she would be lying if she said that she did not feel anything forthem.

Her teacher cultivated her just so she could become a sacrifice. After knowing that, the only bit of guilt in Celeste’s heart disappeared.

Now, she had finally let everything go.

David also said that they might not return to Earth for the time being.

However, Celia and others did not mind.

As long as they could be with David, it would be the same no matter where they went.

After picking up everyone, David went to the Iridescent Sect.

David still intended to return to Earth after everything was settled.

At the very least, he had to bring some high-tech products of Star Kingdom back to Earth so that Earth could also develop faster.

Genetic reagents and medicines that could increase longevity were especially important.

He did not want everything on Earth to change when he returned three hundred years later.

How could earthlings live for three hundred years?

If he did not bring things that could alter genes and prolong life, the earth would be replaced by another group of people in three hundred years.

The people he was familiar with would have long since become dry bones.

This was what David did not want to see.

Since he had the ability now, how could he not help the earthlings?

Plus, it would not take long.

When he came here with Celeste, he used the three- dimensional space.

Now, he would be going back using the nine-dimensional space.

No one knew how many times faster this would be.

Then, David told Alba that he wanted some genetically modified medicines.

With the strength of Treasure Trove, it would be easy to get as many of these low-level trinkets as he wanted.

Although Alba was curious why David needed them, she would not ask.

She would just execute what David asked of her.

There was no need for her to know all of his reasonings.

Since there were not a lot of people present and David told everyone not to spread what happened in the Iridescent Sect, news of this matter did not spread.

The only ones who knew were those who were present.

After David’s order, no one dared to spread any rumors.

Alba still had no idea that David had become the only partial Pre-Deity in Star Kingdom.

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