I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2112

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2112-David shut himself in the room and took a deep breath.

The system had been upgraded successfully.

He wanted to open the system to see how to get lavish points to continue to improve his strength.

This was not only related to the life and death of Star Kingdom but also to David’s own safety.

After he opened the system panel, a text bubble popped up.

[The system upgrade is complete and has successfully connected to the network of level 9 civilization Leila.

[The system has completed all upgrades after this upgrade.

[However, according to the rules, the system can still undergo an ultimate evolution.

[To meet the requirements of the system’s ultimate evolution, the host needs to gather the top three Ancient Weapons scattered in the universe.

[The three Ancient Weapons are the Sky-Splitting Ax, the God of Thunder Hammer, and the Sun Bow.

[Currently, the host already has the God of Thunder Hammer. Only the Sky-Splitting Ax and the Sun Bow are needed to start the ultimate evolution of the system.

[After the ultimate evolution, the system will reveal the mysteries of the universe. Please stay tuned, Host.]

David looked at the introduction given by the system and fell into deep thought.

It seemed that level 9 civilization was its peak.

There was no way to upgrade the system anymore.

The system had already hinted that the three Ancient Weapons could trigger the ultimate evolution of the system when it detected the God of Thunder Hammer at Treasure Trove’s auction.

Now, David was curious.

‘What is the mystery of the universe?

‘How big is the universe? How did it form?

‘What is beyond the universe?’

Shaking his head, David put those thoughts aside for a moment.

‘Let’s get over the immediate crisis first.

‘It’s still early for ultimate evolution.

‘And the universe is so big that it is almost boundless.

‘I was lucky to come across the God of Thunder Hammer.

‘Where can I find other Sky-Splitting Ax and Sun Bow?

‘It is infinitely more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

‘It’s also very unrealistic.’

David stopped chasing after these unreal things.

If he could get them, it would be great.

If not, then whatever.

The system panel popped open and displayed David’s latest stats.

[Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 10000000000000000 (LDollars)

[Body: Sacred level 10 (You may upgrade one level using 100 lavish points)

[Mind: Sacred level 10 (You may upgrade using 100 lavish points)

[Combat: Partial Pre-Deity Rank

[Combat Skills: Void Punch (Perfection), Air Crushing Slap ( Perfection), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique (Perfection)

[Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Perfection)

[Lavish Points: 0

[Special skill: Cloning (level 3)]

David stared at his stats carefully for a while, and it seemed that apart from updating the currency and balance, there was not much change from before.

L Dollars should be the virtual currency of the level 9 civilization, Leila!

While David was thinking about this, the system refreshed and a new interface appeared.

There was another long introduction.

[Leila, the level 9 civilization, has built a huge virtual world called The Spirit Cage. As long as you can connect to Leila’s network, you can put mind power (soul power) into The Spirit Cage through special equipment.

[In the world of The Spirit Cage, everyone can live, learn, and fight like the real world, and there is no difference from the real world. At the same time, The Spirit Cage also plays a huge role. All races will flock to The Spirit Cage and try their best to enter it. Once you enter The Spirit Cage, your mind power (soul power) will be tempered, achieving rapid growth.

[As we all know, mind power (soul power) is the most difficult thing to improve. The initial design of The Spirit Cage intended it to exercise mind power (soul power). With continuous optimization, the effect became better and better. Now, The Spirit Cage has become the second-largest world for humans in Leila. Countless forces have taken root in it whilst fighting to occupy a better position so that the mind power (soul power) of their family can be better exercised. Furthermore, countless races are also doing everything in their power to try to enter The Spirit Cage.

[Does the host want to enter The Spirit Cage?] There were two options: yes or no.

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