I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2113

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2113-David looked at the introduction of the system and was a little confused.

‘The Spirit Cage?

‘A virtual world built by the level 9 civilization Leila?

‘I can put my mind power into it, live, study, and fight?

‘Isn’t this similar to a fantasy?’

David had been inside a fantasy more than once, so he was well aware of how realistic it was.

He still remembered the first time he was forced into it. It felt even more real than the real world.

‘Someone actually built such a huge virtual world.

‘They really deserve to be a level 9 civilization.’

‘The level 7 civilization Star Kingdom could never keep up with this.’

According to the introduction of the system, as long as mind power entered The Spirit Cage, it could be exercised to grow rapidly.

‘Then wouldn’t everyone rush into The Spirit Cage as soon as they have time?

‘They can increase their mind power!

‘Who doesn’t know that in the later stage of cultivation, the greater the strength, the greater the effect of mind power?

‘Something that can increase mind power is precious, but most importantly, is extremely rare.

‘Every time it appears, it will attract countless forces to fight for it.

‘In this situation, who wouldn’t want to step into The Spirit Cage to boost their mind power?

‘No wonder The Spirit Cage can become Leila’s second largest world.

‘With such an effect, only fools would not want to enter it.’

Suddenly, David’s eyes lit up.

Since The Spirit Cage was no different from the real world and he could live, learn, and even fight in it, was it possible to complete transactions with L Dollars in it and get lavish points?

If it was possible, it was definitely great news for David.

If that were the case, there would be no need for him to go to Leila. He just needed to enter The Spirit Cage with his mind power from Star Kingdom. Then, he could spend money to get lavish points to improve his strength.

It would be best to maximize his strength before the Feather family struck.

At that time, he would not have to worry about the Feather family.

David suppressed his excitement and chose yes.

He wanted to go into The Spirit Cage to have a look and see if he could spend money there as this would affect his next series of actions.

After agreeing to enter The Spirit Cage, David felt his vision go dark.

Immediately afterward, he felt dizzy, as if his body was floating in the air.

After a while…

When David felt his feet hit the ground, he opened his eyes.

What greeted him was a bloody mouth.

Before David could react, the mouth that smelled a little fishy bit him.

How could David endure this?

Covering his nose, David dodged the bloody mouth. Then, his body appeared beside the owner of the mouth as he punched its huge head.


After the punch, the head he hit flew out quickly with the body and rolled a few times before finally stopping after knocking over several big trees with a diameter of more than one meter.

Only then did David see clearly what was attacking him just now.

It turned out to be a giant python with a length of tens of meters.

‘This thing is going to become a spiritual being!’

At this time, the giant python’s head had been flattened by David’s single punch. Blood mixed with its brains flowed from its closed bloody mouth. The python was completely dead now.

The strength of an individual in The Spirit Cage was a reflection of their mind power’s strength in the real world.

It meant that the stronger the mind power in the real world, the stronger one would be after entering The Spirit Cage.

With the help of the system, David’s mind power was like a cheat code in the real world.

Hence, after entering The Spirit Cage, naturally, it would not be lacking.

Looking at the dead python in front of him, David lifted his fist speechlessly.

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