I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2116

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2116-After he reached the corpse, Maximus crouched down, dabbing a little blood on his hand.

It was still warm.

Another chill went straight to his heart.

Sure enough, the flood dragon had died not long ago.

Now, Maximus wanted to take a step forward and turn to escape from this plate.

However, when he recalled the value of a Silver Flood Dragon, he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

‘Wealth is obtained from taking risks.

‘This kind of great opportunity is very rare, and only happens once in a lifetime.

‘If I leave now, I will definitely regret it for the rest of my life whenever I think about this in the future.’

The team of six took the body of the Silver Flood Dragon and left quickly.

Although they were thousands of miles away from facing a living Silver Flood Dragons, they could still move a corpse.

After all, those who dared to risks their safety in the depths of this old-growth forest also needed to have a certain level of strength.

David had no idea that the little snake he casually killed was the overlord of that area.

He was going to head to the city first.

Since the people in The Spirit Cage were cast here by the mind power of the real world, they could not use their mind power to detect the surrounding situation in The Spirit Cage.

Hence, David could only try to find the way out himself.

To be honest, without his mind power, the current situation was very annoying.

If he was in the real world, he could quickly scan his surrounding situation and find a city where human beings gathered using his immense mind power.

However, now, he could only wander around in the old- growth forest like a headless chicken.

David also wanted to fly directly into the sky, but he found that after reaching a certain height, he would be restricted.

There seemed to be a force within The Spirit Cage that prevented humans from flying too high.

It was possibly made by the designer of The Spirit Cage.

There was no other way, so David had no choice but to continue searching by himself.

After moving in the direction he had initially picked for a long time, he felt something was wrong.

He figured that once he chose a direction, he could eventually escape if he kept walking.

However, he was still inside the old-growth forest after so long.

David realized he was probably going deeper into the forest, so he turned around and returned the same way from which he came.

When he returned to the place where he descended, David found that the body of the little snake he killed had disappeared.

After he checked again, he saw human footprints all around it.

This discovery thrilled him.

Since there were human footprints, it proved that someone was there.

Moreover, these people dragged the little snake’s body away, so there were bloodstains and obvious marks of where it was going.

Now, David could get out of this old-growth forest just by following the tracks.

After suppressing his excitement, David quickly followed the tracks and left.

At this time, the team of six who had just taken away the Silver Flood Dragon had already arrived at the edge of the forest.

After leaving the forest, they would reach a nearby city after they walked a little further.

However, the strange thing was that this had obviously been a team of six, but now there was only one person left.

It was Captain Maximus.

He dragged the Silver Flood Dragon’s tail forward step by step.

He was exhausted but the smile on his face became bigger and bigger.

Soon, he would become a dragon-slaying hero who was worshiped by countless people. After that, he would sell the Silver Flood Dragon. Once he did that, he would never have to worry about money or women in the real world or The Spirit Cage ever again.

The more he thought about it, the wider the smile on his face became.

Along the way, Maximus killed the other five team members so that he could have the Silver Flood Dragon to himself.

These actions showed that in the face of interests, he could betray any relationship.

If there was no betrayal, it only showed that the interests were not significant enough.

Although their team had not been established for a long time, they had already gone through life-or-death situations together.

Unexpectedly, everyone had managed to share their adversity, but they could not share the joy.

How embarrassing!

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