I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2121

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2121-The moment Maximus finished speaking, the middle-aged man said, “The Chez family will pay 12.5 billion!”

The price of the Silver Flood Dragon had increased again, and the increase was 500 million.

For these people who were at the bottom, 500 million was already an astronomical number that was out of their reach.

However, for some family forces, it was just a drop in the bucket.

“Linus, only 500 million? Aren’t you being a little stingy? This is an entire corpse of a Silver Flood Dragon! The skin, muscles, and bones can enhance soul power. It can be said that its whole body is full of treasures. The tens of billions of reward money is based on how mutilated the body becomes in battle, and since the body is so complete, the Nacht family will pay 13.5 billion!” This time it was a beautiful middle-aged woman who spoke.

Although she was not as beautiful as Celeste, she was not too inferior.

One thing to note was that she dressed better than Celeste.

She was wearing an elegant and luxurious outfit that looked similar to a traditional Somerland outfit on Earth. However, it was much more revealing, displaying her seductive figure and making all the male adventurers salivate.

“Beanie! How much you add is your business, and how much I add is mine. Just mind your own business. It’s not up to you to get involved in my family’s affairs.” The middle-aged man Linus said with an unhappy expression on his face.

“I just feel bad for Maximus, okay? He worked so hard to kill and bring out the injured Silver Flood Dragon from the Endless Forest. All of his men who’ve been through life and death with him died because of this. You are so unreasonable!”

Beanie glanced over at Maximus and gave him a wink.


Maximus gasped.

His body started to become hot.

Then, he cursed in his heart, ‘What a minx.’

“Beanie, stop being so flirtatious. You look so cheap doing that,” Linus gritted his teeth and said.

To be honest, when he looked at Beanie, he too could not resist the temptation in his heart.

Unfortunately, she was a rose with thorns.

Otherwise, he would have taken her even if he had to use force.

“Am I being flirtatious?” Beanie looked innocent.

Her vulnerable appearance coupled with the charming figure made the male adventurers want to rush over to her if they did not know how powerful this beautiful woman was.

What were they risking their lives for?

Money and women!

‘The Jackman family will pay 15 billion!” Another old man said.

There was an uproar at the scene.

Another increase of 1.5 billion!

It had reached 15 billion now.

Originally, they thought that the Silver Flood Dragon was only worth 10 billion.

If this continued, the final transaction price was likely to exceed 20 billion.

Maximus came to his senses from Beanie’s temptation, resisting the urge to laugh.

He was still thinking in his heart that he would be willing to spend one or two billion, or even five billion if he could kiss this woman.

Maximus had no resistance to beautiful women.

The money he gained from adventures over the years was basically all spent on women.

15 billion was not the end.

With the continuous bidding, it was still rising, and of course, the increase was slowly shrinking.

After all, no one got their money for free.

If a commodity exceeded its original value, the big forces would also carefully weigh whether it was worth it.

David felt tempted as he watched the auction.

He was dying to bid on the little snake he killed.

He was now almost certain that he could spend money in The Spirit Cage.

Ten billion L Dollars would be one hundred lavish points.

If he spent 20 billion L Dollars to buy the little snake, he could get 200 lavish points.

With these two hundred lavish points, he could break through partial PreDeity Rank and reach the real Pre-Deity Rank.

After three hundred years, he might have already arrived at Peak Divine Realm when the Feather family struck.

He would kill as many people as the Feather family sent.

This happiness came so suddenly that David could not bear it.

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