I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2124

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2124-There were very few people with luck like Maximus, and most of them could not find any good things.

When David learned that the city he was in was a place where the lowest level of adventurers went about their day, he knew he could not stay.

The Silver Flood Dragon’s 20-billion transaction was already a sky-high price here.

However, for David, it could only help him break through his current partial Pre-Deity Rank, but not enough to help him move forward.

Now that he learned that the world of The Spirit Cage also used L Dollars, he did not intend to only become a Pre-Deity.

He might even go further than Primordial or Ancestral Deity.

David thought as he walked the streets of Crow City.

Suddenly, he heard someone shouting, “Hear ye! Hear ye! Recruiting! Recruiting! We’re going to Nightingale City from Crow City and we’re recruiting security personnel to escort the goods, and we will pay according to strength. The stronger the person, the more the reward. This time, the employer is a well-known person who’s famous for having more money than wits. As long as you pass the screening, you will get half of the reward upfront. This opportunity is not to be missed! Adventurers, come and sign up!

Nightingale City is a famous city for its beautiful women, so when you get there, hehe! You know what I’m talking about!” A sudden sound pulled David back to reality.

He looked up and realized he had gone back to Crow City Plaza again.

On the high platform ahead, a young man in his thirties was yelling to recruit adventurers to escort some goods to Nightingale City.

David heard about Nightingale City.

It was the closest third-tier city to Crow City, and its prosperity was not comparable to that of an eighteenth-tier city like Crow City.

“Damn! Getting half of the reward upfront? How can I resist such a thing? Sign me up!”

“It just so happens that I’m going to Nightingale City on business, so I’ll sign up too!”

“Sign me up as well!”

“Me too!”

Countless adventurers on the square scrambled to join.

Escorting goods was one of the ways for adventurers to earn money.

Some adventurers who are unwilling to enter the Endless Forest would choose this relatively safe option.

If there was a vacancy, everyone would definitely fight for it.

Besides, it was rare that they would get half of the money upfront.

It showed that the employer was generous, so the remuneration would certainly not be a small amount.

“Everyone, calm down! Everyone, calm down! Don’t panic, we need a lot of people this time, and the employer is quite generous, so the remuneration is definitely much higher than the normal fee.”

The adventurers began to divide into four groups and started signing up.

Of course, it did not mean that they would be hired right after signing up.

There was also a screening process.

If the candidate was a notorious adventurer in the adventure world, the employer would not hire them.

No matter where they were, character was key.

If their character was not good, the employer would not want them no matter how strong they were as such a person might cause harm to the employer.

In addition to character, strength was also one of the screening criteria.

As David watched the fervent registration, he was also eager to try.

Since he had come across this, why not just join this team and go to Nightingale City together?

The third-tier city. Nightingale City, was much bigger and more prosperous than Crow City, so he would not attract attention if he spent some money there.

At the same time, he could also understand more about Nightingale City.

These adventurers would often travel between Crow City and Nightingale City, so they must know a thing or two about Nightingale City.

‘I might as well sign up since it suits my circumstances.’

David went over to line up.

The adventurers around David were curious when they saw David signing up for the job.

To be honest, David did not look like an adventurer at all. Instead, he looked like a son from a rich family who was here for fun.

Soon, it was David’s turn.

A young woman was recording the candidates’ details with her head lowered. She asked, “Name?”

“David Lidell,” David answered honestly.

The woman lifted her head after she heard that. As she looked at the tall young man in front of her, her eyes glazed over a little.

‘This man is so handsome! He looks so classy!’

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