I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2125

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2125-A team was moving fast between Crow City and Nightingale City.

The Spirit Cage was a retro world. So, there were no high- tech vehicles that existed in the real world, but only the most primitive means of transport.

The cart was pulled by a kind of animal named the Foal Beast. It was docile, strong, and fast. Once tamed, it would be very obedient.

David was in one of the carriages.

With his image and strength, he passed the screening easily.

Of course, David did not reveal his true strength and only showed a strength similar to everyone else.

The carriage was very spacious. Even with seven or eight people seated, it was not crowded at all. They could even lie down with no problem.

Three or four excited adventurers were chatting.

David was naturally among them.

“It seems that the employer this time is indeed very generous and capable. They’re putting eight of us in such a luxurious and spacious carriage. The previous escort missions were always crowded, and we wouldn’t even have space to sleep,” a middle-aged man in his forties sighed.

“I know, right? And this time the team is huge and there are dozens of carriages. Tsk tsk tsk… It’s been a long time since

I received such a comfortable task,” another 30-year-old man lay down on his back and replied comfortably.

“I’m curious about what is being escorted and why they need so many people.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m fine with it as long as I get paid. This distance is not too far, and accidents are rare. If you have nothing to do, you should take a good rest. We will be there after two sleeps.”

“Hi, everyone. It’s my first time going to Nightingale City, so can you tell me what’s interesting in Nightingale City?” David interjected and asked at the right time.

“Kid, judging from how you look, you should be from a wealthy family! Why did you come here to be an adventurer? What do you want to do for fun? Tell me and I’ll bring you around when we get to Nightingale City,” the middle-aged man in his 40s asked with a smile.

Everyone was very curious about David, an adventurer who looked like he was from a wealthy family.

“I snuck into The Spirit Cage. My family said it’s dangerous and wouldn’t let me in, but I wanted to come and see what’s inside.” David pretended to be ignorant.

His image was indeed deceiving.

He looked like he was in his twenties, and he looked optimistic and handsome too.

“No wonder! So you snuck in, huh? The Spirit Cage is indeed dangerous, but at the same time it is also accompanied by opportunities, so countless people want to come in.”

“Bro, please tell me more about The Spirit Cage. In return, I will share all the rewards from this escort mission with all of you. How about it?” David asked with a look of anticipation.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Even the people who were lying down and sleeping sat up.

‘This punk doesn’t even want to make money.

‘Aren’t we coming on this escort mission for money?

‘Now, we can make money just by chatting. Anyone who says no to this will be a fool.’

“Hehe! You are so kind, kid! We have been in The Spirit Cage for so many years, and we know a thing or two. So, shall we tell you about it?”

“I’m all ears!”

Then, the people in the carriage began to share with David about The Spirit Cage, Nightingale City, and some surrounding cities.

David listened carefully.

He was right.

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