I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2126

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2126-After people in the real world enter The Spirit Cage through special equipment, they would never wake up in the real world again if they died in The Spirit Cage.

Those who came to The Spirit Cage could not leave The Spirit Cage at will. They needed to go to a city above Tier 3 and use some special equipment to leave.

This also explained why the few corpses David encountered when leaving the Endless Forest did not leave The Spirit Cage at the critical moment.

At the same time, it also reflected the strength of the system because the system could help David leave at any time.

From this alone, it could be seen that the system was not governed by the rules of The Spirit Cage.

Of course, since everyone took such a big risk to enter The Spirit Cage, the benefits were not small.

Eating ferocious beasts, taking elixir, and even breathing air in The Spirit Cage could all increase mind power, with the only difference being the speed.

The stronger the beast was, the more it would increase one’s mind power.

Meanwhile, the growth of mind power had a great effect on one’s strength in the real world.

Even if their strength in the real world could not keep up with their increased mind power, they could use medicine to catch up.

That was why everyone was rushing to get into The Spirit Cage.

David knew some of the reasons, but not all.

Now after listening to these adventurer’s explanations, he had a deeper understanding of The Spirit Cage.

He would leave for a larger and more prosperous Tier 2 City, Tier 1 City, or the main city to carry out his money-spending plan after he improved his strength from partial Pre-Deity Rank to Pre-Deity Rank in Nightingale City.

One of the carriages in the team had an inconspicuous exterior, but an extremely luxurious interior.

Beanie, who bought the Silver Flood Dragon, was sitting in it.

Beside her, there were two young people, a man and a woman.

“Aunt Beanie, why did we hire so many useless adventurers? Their strength is so low too. Can they really help us fight the enemies when we are in danger?” The young man asked.

Beanie did not answer. She just looked at the young woman and said, “Niv, you should answer Nas’ question.”

The young woman named Nivia Nacht said, “Of course, Aunt Beanie, I think your purpose of doing this should be to attract attention. If I’m not wrong, the Silver Flood Dragon is

being escorted by two elders using another road. The role of our team is to attract attention.”

Beanie nodded, and said with a smile, “Did you hearthat, Nas? This is the answer you want. You can’t just look at the surface. The complete body of the Silver Flood Dragon I bought this time will be very beneficial to the family. There is absolutely no room for mistakes, otherwise, why would I buy it at such a high price?”

“Aunt Beanie! I don’t believe anyone would dare to take action against the Nacht family. I don’t think you need to do all this,” the young man named Nas Nacht said, feeling a little unconvinced.

He was originally the eldest son of the Nacht family’s current generation, and he was also the default first-in-line heir.

Of course, he could not accept being upstaged by a woman.

Not even if this woman was a genius from the Nacht family.

“Nas, you are good at everything, but you are too arrogant. If you don’t change this shortcoming, you will suffer,” Beanie shook her head and advised.

“I’m not wrong! Who doesn’t know the status of the Nacht family in Nightingale City? Would they dare to do anything to us?’

“Whether they dare or not, we must be fully prepared. Some things are not as simple as you think. This time, I feel that the Chez family came prepared, so that’s why they changed their minds at the last minute.”

‘The Chez family? Would they dare to attack us? Impossible!” Nas still refused to believe it.

“You… Oh…” Beanie sighed helplessly.

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