I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1452

Chapter 1452 

The seven fairies were very special in the Iridescent Sect. 

Needless to say, they were all above 9.5, and their bodies and appearances were outstanding. However, unfortunately, they were not talented enough, 

If they were more talented, they might have become one of the seven high priestesses. 

Since they were not talented enough, they could only make good use of their faces and figures to practice some dancing and receive VIPS for the Iridescent Sect. 

There was only a two-word difference between the seven high priestesses and the seven fairies. 

However, their statuses were vastly different. 

The seven high priestesses had the opportunity to become go beyond Eternal Realm, and they had the appearance, talent, and wisdom. 

On the contrary, it was even more difficult for the seven fairies to step into Eternal Realm. They would be fine as long as they had good looks. 

The former was the key object of training for the sect. 

The latter were just performers for the sect to receive distinguished guests. Their status was higher than that of ordinary disciples, but they could not catch up with the core and personal disciples. 

This was the awkward position of the seven fairies. 

When one saw the seven high priestesses, they would see that the envy in their eyes was pretty pitiful. 

The seven fairies were not talented enough. If they wanted to step into Eternal Realm to live forever and stay young forever, they could only use countless treasures from heaven and earth. 

However, they would not have such an opportunity in the Iridescent Sect. 

There were too many disciples in the Iridescent Sect, and there were also many talented ones. 

Hence, it was impossible to waste too many resources on them. 

In addition, the seven fairies were willing to stay here because the Iridescent Sect gave them a platform that no other place could. 

Only the absolute bigwigs were eligible to be distinguished guests of the Iridescent Sect. 

When the seven fairies receive these distinguished guests and were taken a fancy by some of them, they could be taken back to be concubines. 

As long as they took good care of the big shots and convinced the big shots to use all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth to cultivate them, there might be a chance for them to step into Eternal Realm in the future. 

Although the odds were low, someone had indeed succeeded this way. 

This was what they had been working towards as well. 

Therefore, they even worked hard for the position of the seven fairies. 

How big was Star Kingdom? 


many beautiful and untalented women were there? 

Not everyone could become the seven fairies of the Iridescent Sect who specialized in receiving distinguished guests. 

“Lord Simmons, please wait a moment, the head will be here soon. First, let us dance for you to relieve your fatigue.” 

After the seven fairies finished speaking, they began to dance gracefully in the drawing room. 

Each one of them was like a fairy from heaven, and they were really pleasing to the eye. 

Then, some women carrying all kinds of snacks, wine, and precious food entered the drawing room. They placed the plates in front of Nek for him to eat. 

Nek also unceremoniously drank some wine and ate the snacks while admiring the dance of the seven fairies. 

These seven women were really good. 

Their bodies and appearances were all stunning. 

Nek figured it would be good to bring two back to be his concubines after his work here was done. 

Nek had taken dozens of concubines in the past thousand years. 

After the dance, the seven fairies bowed to Nek and exited the drawing room. 

Before leaving, they looked at Nek with intense allure in their eyes. 

It made Nek, a seasoned pervert, a little tempted. 

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