I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1454

Chapter 1454 


Nek’s words startled Nova and the two elders of the Iridescent Sect behind her. 

‘Elder Red’s virginity was taken by a man? 

‘How can that be? 

‘Wasn’t she sent out on a Universe Enforcer mission? 

‘How could she let someone take her virginity? 

‘Something is wrong! 

‘Elder Read is not in Star Kingdom, so how did Nek know she’s not a virgin anymore?’ 

Nova looked at Nek suspiciously. 

She saw calmness on the other party’s face. 

This made Nova somewhat unable to determine the truth of the matter. 

With Nek’s identity and strength, he would never say anything that he was not sure about. 

Otherwise, it would be self-inflicted humiliation. 

Since he came here to voice his dissatisfaction, then it must be true. 

‘However, Elder Red is indeed not in Star Kingdom. 

‘Is there some misunderstanding here?’ 

“Lord Simmons, Elder Red was sent out by the sect to carry out a mission, so she is not in the Star Kingdom now. Is there some misunderstanding?” Nova expressed her doubts. 

“Misunderstanding? There is no misunderstanding! Lady Dream, since I, Nek Simmons, dare to say this, I am sure of it. I just want to ask you about it. In the beginning, you sternly rejected me, saying that Celeste would not marry outside, but now she lost her virginity to another man. Why? Do you look down on me or the Simmons family?” 

Nek sounded displeased. 

As the new giant of Star Kingdom and someone beyond Eternal Realm, Nek would not be afraid to show his strong demeanor when he needed to. 

Even if his opponent was the head of the Iridescent Sect. 

“Lord Simmons, the authenticity of this matter is still open to question. It’s not that we don’t believe you, but we need proof. Unless you present convincing evidence today, you can only wait for Elder Red to come back to confront her face-to-face. Don’t worry, as long as your words are true, the Iridescent Sect will naturally give you a satisfactory explanation. We won’t allow you to lose face in Star Kingdom,” Nova said, neither obsequious nor supercilious. 

Facing Nek, someone beyond Eternal Realm, Nova showed the Iridescent Sect’s attitude of neither being neutral in the face of trouble. 

‘Since you say the iridescent Sect has humiliated you, fine, show me convincing evidence. ‘Otherwise, you are just looking for trouble, and are not taking the Iridescent Sect seriously.’ 

Nova’s words were watertight, and Nek could not find any faults in them. 

However, since he dared to come, he had to be confident, even if his approach was a bit disgraceful. 

“Lady Dream, first of all, I want to apologize to the Iridescent Sect. Because I like Celeste so much, when I first met her, I quietly planted a mind seed on her without her consent, but I guarantee on my own reputation that I had absolutely no intention of hurting her. I just wanted to protect her.” 

As soon as Nek said this, a cold light shot out of Nova’s eyes immediately. 

She stared at Nek with some hostility in her eyes. 

How dare he plant a mind seed on an elder who held an important position in the Iridescent Sect? This was no small matter. 

Even if the opponent was Nek, someone beyond Eternal Realm, it was still forbidden. 

No matter how powerful Nek was, he was only one person. Even with the grandmaster of the Simmons family who was recuperating from his wounds, there were only two of them. 

‘How dare he do this to the elder of the Iridescent Sect?’ 

Nek might also feel that what he did was a little unethical. 

He continued to explain, “Lady Dream, even though I was rejected by the Iridescent Sect, I have not voiced any dissatisfaction over the past thousand years, and I fully respected your choice. Furthermore, the mind seed is not what you think and it can’t serve as a surveillance function anytime and anywhere. It can only roughly determine Celeste’s location to see if she’s safe. That’s all.” 

When Nova heard that, she naturally would not believe Nek’s nonsense. 

If what he said was true… 

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