I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1589

Chapter 1589

After the crisis, the merchant ship continued toward the entrance of the wormhole to the

Central Sacred Continent.

After this incident with the space pirates, everyone’s mood was completely different.

They used to look worried and frightened, but now they were all happy and without the

slightest worry.

Even if they ran into space pirates again, they would not be afraid because there was

David, the Eternal, on board.

Whoever came to them looking for trouble would be courting death.

Those who were hired by the Jung family with a lot of money were also in a state of


Enter title…

This time, not only could they get huge benefits and obtain the resources to continue to

improve, but they could also observe the demeanor of an Eternal and the power of the

Eternal Golden Body up close.

This was a worthwhile trip.

Although there were some ups and downs, it would be fine as long as the end result was


David and Marlee were still at the top of the merchant ship.

After the conversation just now, Marlee already had a rough idea of David’s purpose in

going to the Central Sacred Continent.

He was lying when he said he had too much money to spend and was going there just to

spend it.

His real reason was to cultivate his power.

It might be the test given to David by his family.

It might also be because David felt that his force was too weak, so he needed to

cultivate his own power and be his own boss.

After all, the struggle within the big forces was also very fierce.

She did not know how many times crueler it was compared with what happened in small


The outcome of losing the competition would not be good.

It was indeed the correct choice for David to want to cultivate his own power in secret.

While he was still being valued, he should borrow some resources to train his own

people and build up his trump cards for himself.

Taking a step back, even if he failed in the future, he would not be left with nothing.

Many direct descendants of many major forces would do this.

Marlee was convinced that David was an heir to a great power.

Moreover, David’s performance was indeed in line with this personality.

He was an Eternal at a young age. If it were not for his strong background, not many

people could achieve this.

No matter how talented a person was, they needed a healthy supply of resources in

order to grow rapidly.

In Star Kingdom, more than 90% of the resources were in the hands of a few forces.

In addition, David said that he had too much money and wanted to spend it at the

Central Sacred Continent.

This was even more in line with a direct descendant of a major force secretly cultivating

his own power.

Marlee had no idea that David really just wanted to spend money.

He did not care if he was powerful or not.

He would be happy as long as he could spend the money in a low-key and safe manner

without being noticed by other powerful people.

Even if he were to be noticed, it would only happen after he spent tens of billions of Star


At that time, his strength would have already improved, so it would not matter if he was

noticed as no one would dare to target him.

“Marlee, do you know where I can spend money the fastest in the Central Sacred

Continent? If I can hide my identity, it’ll

be even better,” David asked seriously.

Marlee looked at David’s serious expression.

‘It doesn’t seem like he is joking.

‘Spend money the fastest?

‘That is to say, the items must be expensive and he needs to hide his identity.’

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