I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1591

Chapter 1591 

After this, the merchant ship did not encounter any accidents. 

As it slowly approached the entrance of the wormhole, David and the others also began to encounter other merchant ships, as well as the patrol team sent by the Central Sacred Continent. 

As they got closer, they saw more and more merchant ships gathered in various places around Star Kingdom. 

There were even some giant merchant ships that were dozens or even hundreds of times larger than the merchant ship that David and the others were in. 

One could only imagine how many goods they transported at one time. 

This kind of giant merchant ship would bear the logo of the forces behind it. 

Some were big families, and some were large sects. 

However, the majority of them were trading houses 

They were the main trade force of the Central Sacred Continent. 

The small galaxy where Marlee was located would basically sell goods to this kind of merchant ship. 

After they bought the goods at a low price, they would ship them to the Central Sacred Continent and sell them at a high price to pocket the difference. 

One should not underestimate the price difference. 

It would be several times or even dozens of times the cost of goods. 

After all, no one would be willing to risk their lives to transport goods for such a long distance if the profit was not high. 

If the two groups of space pirates that Marlee and the other encountered ran into merchant ships of this level, they would not even dare to touch them. Ultimately, they could only stay away obediently. 

If ordinary space pirates wanted to take down these giant merchant ships, they would only end badly. 

Soon, the merchant ship arrived at a bustling area. Many merchant ships and battleships were parked here in an orderly manner. 

As soon as the merchant ship arrived, a small ship with the word ‘Central approached them immediately. 

Marlee ordered the merchant ship’s defenses to be disarmed, and then took Fraser and several Infinity Rankers to meet them on the roof of the merchant ship. 

The small ship parked directly on the roof of the merchant ship. 

Two men and one woman came down from above. 

The one in lead was a middle-aged man. 

Behind him were a young man and a young woman, both of whom had outstanding looks. 

One could tell they were exceptional from just a glance. 

All three of them were wearing white trench coats, with the word ‘Central’ printed on the chest and back 


They were the staff of the Central Sacred Continent. 

“Where are you from?” The middle-aged man asked as soon as he got off the ship. 

“Sir, we are from Green Apollo,” Marlee replied respectfully. 

“Green Apollo?” 

The middle-aged man looked at Marlee suspiciously. 

Apparently, he had not heard of this place. 

“Find out where Green Apollo is,” the middle-aged man said to the two people behind him. 

“Yes, Captain! 

The two young people immediately opened a three-dimensional image and quickly searched it. 

After a while, the young woman was the first to say, “Sir, I found it. Green Apollo is a small galaxy 180000 cosmic kilometers away from here” 

*180000 cosmic kilometers?” 

The middle-aged man was taken aback 

“They’re from so far away?” 

He looked at Marlee 

“How would a peak Infinity Ranker dare to travel 180000 cosmic kilometers with a cargo of goods? 

“Is she not afraid of meeting star pirates? 

The main point is that they even arrived safely. 

“How unbelievable. 

They have such good luck. 

“What a bunch of lunatics who value money but not their lives.” 

David was still in the room at this time and did not follow Marlee. This was why the middle-aged man was so surprised. 

If David was here, he would be the Eternal escort, and traveling 180000 cosmic kilometers would be nothing 

“You must have suffered a lot after coming from such a far away place,” the middle-aged man shook his head and sighed 

He understood the people from these small places very well. 

They would not earn much selling to large trading companies that came to buy from them. 

If others shipped the goods to the Central Sacred Continent and sold them, their profit would be dozens 

of times more 

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