I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1592

Chapter 1592 

If they were to transport the goods themselves, they might encounter accidents at any time. In doing so, they would lose not only the goods but also their life. 

It was a typical example of losing both one’s wealth and life. 

Therefore, most of them were still willing to sell to large trading companies. 

It would be cheaper, but more importantly, there would be no risks! 

However, there were still very few people who would personally deliver goods to the Central Sacred Continent to sell 

Ignoring the failure where they would lose their lives and money and get nothing in return, in the event of success, the benefits they obtained would be enough to make up for the hardships and dangers faced along the way 

“Sir, the journey is not important, what matters is the result and the fact that we succeeded,” Marlee said with a smile 

The middle-aged man was also infected when he saw the smile on Marlee’s face. 

This woman was pretty nice! 

She was just his cup of tea. 

Needless to say, she was more stunning than most women and she belonged to the small percentage that sat on the top of the pyramid. 

Moreover, she was also quite bold. 

She was just a peak Infinity Ranker, but she traveled 180000 cosmic kilometers with a ship full of cargo. 

The only downside was that her strength was too low. 

She was only a peak Infinity Ranker and not even an Eternal. Her life would be too short. 

Moreover, there was a big chance that she was already married and had children at this age. 

However, this did not affect the middle-aged man’s appreciation of Marlee 

“Indeed, the journey is not important, what matters is the result. Yes, you have succeeded. Now that you’re here, no one will dare to make things difficult for you,” the middle-aged man also laughed and said. 

“Thank you, Sir!” 

“You’re welcome! It stands to reason that you need to pay a certain fee to use the wormhole here, but since you have traveled 180000 cosmic kilometers and it’s such a tedious journey, I will waive the fee for you. This is your number. When it’s your turn, you can use the wormhole to go directly to the Central Sacred Continent.” 

After he finished speaking, the middle-aged man took out a token from his pocket and handed it to 


Marlee quickly took the token with both hands and looked at it. The number 782 was written on it. 

In other words, her merchant ship was the 782nd ship in line. 

She had to wait for the 781 ships in front of her before it was her merchant ship’s turn. 

“Thank you, Sir” Marlee bowed and thanked the middle-aged man. 

1 said you don’t have to be so polite. What’s your name?” The middle-aged man asked. 

“Sir, my name is Marlee Jung.” 

“I see, Miss Jung. I still need to take care of some business so I’ll be leaving first. If you need anything. you can come to me. My name is Remy Banks.” 

Remy turned and left. 

The two young people quickly followed behind him. 

“Farewell, Master Remy!” Marlee said with a bow. 

“Farewell, Master Remy! The others followed suit. 

The three left in a small ship. They still needed to go to the next merchant ship to collect fees and issue numbers. 

Marlee and others also returned to the control room 

The merchant ship continued to move forward. After it docked beside other merchant ships, they left their defense on to prevent anyone from entering 

They were waiting to enter the wormhole to go to the Central Sacred Continent. 

In reality, a wormhole was a channel created by using the characteristics of space dimensions. 

The higher the spatial dimension, the closer the distance between two points. 

David could travel in four-dimensional space, which was naturally much faster than in three-dimensional space 

However, the wormhole was a stable way of traveling through high-dimensional space for various vehicles. 

The difference between the wormhole and the way David and the other Eternals traveled was that it was fixed 

It was a straight passage between two points and there would be no accidents or deviations while in it. One could only enter at a certain point and exit at a certain point, and one could not get off halfway 

On the other hand, Eternals and above could change their routes at will after they tore apart space to travel inside 

That was the difference between the two 

Many wormholes were not in four-dimensional space 

For example, the wormhole that David and the others entered now was built directly in the six- dimensional space. 

It must be much faster than David traveling in four-dimensional space. 

However, it would take a lot of time and effort to create wormholes. 

Except for large forces, no ordinary force could build them. Therefore, it was reasonable for them to charge some fees. 

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