I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1594

Chapter 1594 

Nek and the reputable elders of the Iridescent Sect, just you wait! 

I will settle accounts with you one by one.” 

David thought silently in his heart. 

The merchant ship waited here for a whole day. 

The little girl Peggy had already woken up. 

As soon as she woke up, the little girl asked David to tell her a story. 

She did not know that she had gotten through a life-and-death experience while in her sleep. 

When Marlee and the others were about to enter the wormhole, the merchant ship welcomed a quest 

It was Remy, the Eternal who gave them the number yesterday. 

Marlee was also puzzled about the purpose of his visit 

She was sure that she had never had any interaction with this man before. 

However, the other party not only waived her fee for using the wormhole but now also came to her. 

Even though she was doubtful, Marlee still received the other party respectfully. 

Remy was not only an Eternal, but he was also a staff member sent here by the Central Sacred Continent. 

In Marlee’s opinion, he was a big shot. 

If she offended him, she would not be able to do anything if he said there was a problem with the merchant ship and forbade them from entering the wormhole. 

Such was Remy’s authority. 

1 wonder why you’re here, Master Remy. I didn’t make any preparations. Please forgive me, Master Remy, Marlee said respectfully to Remy who was sitting opposite her 

“Miss Jung, you’re too kind. I was just strolling around and saw your merchant ship. I came up on a whim. I hope I didn’t disturb you,” Remy also said politely. 

Remy had taken a fancy to Marlee when he saw her yesterday. 

Except for being weak, all of her other aspects were excellent. 

It was rare for Remy to find a woman he fancied. 

Thus, today he came here to look into Marlee’s background. 

Remy was ready to pursue Marlee if she was not married or had kids. 

With his identity and Eternal’s strength, wouldn’t it be easy for him to win over a woman from a small place? 

“Master Remy, what are you talking about? it’s an honor for you to come visit my place. I am beyond thrilled, so how could you be a bother?” Marlee said hastily. 

Although she did not know why Remy came here, she knew she could not neglect him. 

“Miss Jung, I really admire you. It’s 180000 cosmic kilometers to travel from Green Apollo to here. Even partial Eternals wouldn’t dare to make this journey,” Remy praised. 

“Master Remy, you speak too highly of me. I had no choice. If there was a choice, who would be willing to risk their lives to make such a journey? It’s just that my family has been suppressed by the surrounding forces and has been unable to make ends meet for a long time. If I didn’t make this gamble, we’d be doomed,” Marlee said with a bitter smile. 

1 see! That’s right! If you don’t have a choice, who would be willing to gamble with their life? But I admire you for getting here safely as a woman,” Remy agreed. 

“I was just lucky.” 

Marlee thought, if I hadn’t met David halfway and kept him around, I would have been caught by the space pirates and living a life worse than death. 

‘David is Peggy’s and my savior.” 

“Luck is also a manifestation of strength 

The two happily chatted about various topics. 

Remy wanted to know if Marlee was married, but it was hard to ask directly, so he could only make indirect remarks. 

He started with her family situation. 

Marlee also had a purpose to this conversation. She wanted to know more about the Central Sacred Continent 

After all, this was her first time here. 

Remy was sent here by the Central Sacred Continent, so he must know it well. 

After the two chatted for a while with their own goals in mind, Remy vaguely learned about some of the members of Marlee’s family, but he did not hear that she had a husband, making him a little happy. 

Marlee also got a lot of basic information about the Central Sacred Continent from Remy 

It could be said that both parties got what they wanted. 

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