I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1595

Chapter 1595 

Just as Remy was about to further express his thoughts. 


The door was pushed open and a small figure waddled in 

“Mom, you’re here! Who is this guy?” The little girl looked at Remy and asked suspiciously. 

Of course, the person who came in was Marlee’s daughter, Peggy 

She came out of David’s room. When she went back to her room and did not find Marlee, she came here. 

“Peggy! How could you be so rude? Greet Master Remy now,” Marlee scolded. 

“Oh! Hello, Master Remy!” Peggy greeted with a bow. 

Even though she was young, Peggy had lived in this kind of environment since she was a child, so she knew how to read the room. 

Since her mother was so nervous, she had to be afraid of offending this man. 

Hence, Peggy had to change her attitude as well. 

Peggy called Marlee Mom as soon as she entered the door, and it stunned Remy for a while. 

He had been asking indirectly about Marlee’s family situation. 

“She didn’t say anything about a husband, so why does she have a daughter? 

“Is she just a goddaughter? 


“It’s okay, little girl. You can just call me by my name,” Remy suppressed the doubt in his heart and said. 

“No! Mom said I have to call you Master Remy, so I can only call you Master Remy, otherwise, she will be angry,” the little girl pouted. 

Remy was about to speak when Marlee said before him, “Okay, Peggy, you should go out first! Master Remy and I have something to talk about, so don’t come in again.” 

“Okay! Mom, you can continue to chat with Master Remy, I’ll leave first.” 

After the little girl finished speaking, she turned and left the room. 


She closed the door again. 

The room fell into silence. 

Remy was about to say something, but he swallowed his words. 

“Now, first of all, I need to figure out who that little girl who just came in was. 

“Is she Marlee’s biological daughter? 

“It’s fine if she adopted the little girl. 

If she’s her biological daughter, then I must change my purpose of coming here.” 

Remy was an Eternal and he held an important position as well. 

Therefore, he could not take a woman with a child. Even making her a concubine was a no-no. 

He would be laughed at by outsiders. 

Prestige was very important for someone like him. 

“Miss Jung, who is that little girl? She’s so cute,” Remy asked calmly. 

“That’s my daughter,” Marlee replied without thinking. 

At the same time, she was a little puzzled. 

Peggy called me Mom and he’s still asking who she is. 

‘Is he dumb? 

Of course, she dared not say it. 

“Is she your biological daughter? 


“What about your husband? Did he not come along?” 

“He died before Peggy was born, so I’ve been raising Peggy this entire time.” 

1 see! Miss Jung, you really are a hero among women. I really admire you for doing such a dangerous job while raising your daughter alone,” Remy praised. 

However, Remy felt dissatisfied inside. 

“What a pity! 

‘It’s not easy for me to meet a woman I admire so much, and she’s also from a small place. 

‘As long as I say the word, the other party would definitely follow me without hesitation. 

‘Unexpectedly, her husband died and she has a child.” 

Remy would not want such a woman. 

If he took her, she would only bring countless negative effects to him. 

“I’m not a hero. I was just forced to do this. I hope you won’t make fun of me, Master Remy,” Marlee sighed. 

“Why would I? It’s late now and I still have work to do when I go back, so I won’t bother you anymore, Miss Jung I wish you a smooth journey in the future. This shipment can be sold at a good price and will solve your family’s problems. Hence, you don’t have to risk your life making more trips like this in the future.” 

“Thank you, Master Remy. I hope your kind words will come true” 

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